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Chinese Massage in Melbourne

Living in Melbourne is crazy at the best of times, and the pressure and demands of a big city can be all too overwhelming. So if you need a break from it all, and want to bring relaxation and wellbeing back into your life, the much-loved art of Chinese massage could be for you.

Working to restore your body, mind and spirit, while providing pain relief, improving blood flow and relieving stress, Chinese massage is a targeted form of deep tissue therapy that gets results.

In contrast to some of the more laid-back massage techniques on the market, such as relaxation massage, or Swedish massage, Chinese massage is usually reserved for physical injury or internal illness. Having said that, many people employ the treatment to improve mental capacity, boost the immune system, and prevent the development of degenerative diseases. If you’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts, Chinese massage can help to restore your sense of “chi”, or, your body’s overall flow of energy.

Chinese massage may also assist in the removal of scar tissue and bruises, stimulate blood circulation, tissue regeneration, and increased mobility.

Using techniques such as stretching, pushing and kneading, as well as the application of firm pressure on your acupoints, your trained Chinese massage therapist will work to relieve all of your pain and stress. You’ll notice that this isn’t just your average rubbing technique though; instead, the focus is on deeply penetrating the muscle tissue, making for a very effective massage. Feeling warm? A temperature increase of the injured area, from between 2-3° is totally normal, and means the therapist knows their stuff.

So take a minute for yourself, escape the daily grind, and use Bookwell to find a treatment with a qualified Chinese massage therapist in Melbourne today.