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Chinese Massage in Brisbane

The sunny, vibrant city of Brisbane is all about healthy living. And for a city so focused on health and wellbeing, you better believe there are an abundance of Chinese massage therapists on call, ready to help restore your sense of ‘Chi’ through the use of Ancient massage methods and techniques.

Chinese massage is actually the oldest form of Chinese healing, dating back even further than acupuncture and traditional herbal remedies. Differing significantly to Western styles of massage, Chinese massage is much more strenuous and targeted. It’s techniques are deeply penetrating, working to restore your body, mind and spirit, while providing pain relief, improving blood flow and relieving stress.

So what can you expect from a Chinese massage in Brisbane? Well, depending on your personal needs, your Chinese massage therapist will employ a variety of techniques to stimulate the body’s soft tissue, as well as acupressure to redirect the flow of Chi. Chi is your body’s overall flow of energy, and if you’ve been feeling a bit out of whack lately, Chinese massage can help to kick things back into gear.

Chinese massage therapy is usually reserved for the treatment of physical injury or internal illness, however many people believe the treatment can help to improve mental stamina, boost the immune system, and prevent degenerative diseases. It’s also been proven to help with the removal of scar tissue and the healing of bruises, and increases blood circulation, tissue regeneration, and mobility.

Whether you’re suffering from a tricky injury, ailment, or are looking for a total body reboot, use Bookwell to find a treatment with a qualified Chinese massage therapist in Brisbane today.