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Acupressure in Melbourne

Have you tried Acupressure in Melbourne yet? If you haven't you really should as it's one of the best alternative therapies around.

As the name suggests it is very similar to acupuncture but there are no needles involved. Instead, the therapist applies physical pressure to certain points to relieve a variety of conditions and ailments.

Flow of Energy

In ancient Chinese medicine, Acupressure Points are key areas of the body that control the flow of energy. When our energy or qi is blocked, we develop health problems. The Chinese believe it is better to cure the problem by clearing the blockage, rather than prescribing pills and potions.

Different acupressure points affect other areas of the body. This is the difference between Local Points and Trigger Points. The local point is the area where you are feeling pain. The trigger point is elsewhere but connected and must also be treated.

Holistic Therapy

Acupressure has been around for thousands of years and can be very beneficial in treating chronic pain, injuries, mobility issues and illness. As with most holistic therapies, the range of benefits is wide. For example, it could bring enormous relief to a person suffering from asthma, whilst helping another patient fix an ankle injury.

When you book acupressure in Melbourne, your therapist may also give you some easy DIY techniques to try at home. Whilst nothing beats the 'real thing', these are often used for treating minor ailments such as headaches.

Find Your Local Therapist

For more serious complaints it is far better to see a professional. Start by explaining what the problem is and giving your therapist details of your medical history.

The best acupressure in Melbourne is very accessible and quite affordable these days. With the help of Bookwell, you can easily find a practitioner in your locality. A great way of trying acupressure is to have it incorporated into a massage.