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Wedding Hairstyles in Brisbane

The one time you really don't want a bad hair day is your wedding day! That's why choosing bridal hairstyles is such a major decision. It could make or break the day.

There's a goofy song by The Waitresses that says, 'Everything's wrong if my hair is wrong'. That really sums it up for us girls. So what can you do to ensure this doesn't happen to you?

Planning and Preparation

Planning, preparation and practice are the keywords here. Once you have decided on your theme and colours, and chosen the dress, book yourself in with a bridal hair professional. The best way to find salons that specialise in wedding hairstyles in Brisbane is to search Bookwell.

That first appointment is designed to throw around some ideas and get some advice from your stylist. He or she will ask lots of questions. For example, what time of year is the wedding? Will you be wearing your hair up or down? Are you thinking of changing the colour?

Wedding Hairstyles in Brisbane

Your stylist will be able to show you examples of other wedding hairstyles in Brisbane but remember, to a certain extent, your hair type controls your choices. If the stylist doesn't think a certain look will work for you, it's best to take the advice.

Try a few styles out in the salon - the real thing is often very different to a photograph. Better to find out early what works and what doesn't. The same applies to changing your hair colour or getting a cut. Leaving it until the day before the wedding could be a disaster.

Braided Bridal Hairstyles

Wearing your hair up is always stylish but it doesn't suit everyone. It also depends on your choice of dress. A great alternative is a braided bridal hairstyle - so beautiful for long hair. There are heaps of styles to choose from so you're bound to find one you love.

Get those preparations underway today by finding the best wedding hairstyles in Brisbane on Bookwell.