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Perms in Brisbane

Ladies of Brisbane, did you know that the latest in hair perming technology is enough to make your toes (and hair) curl? Put down your curler, and forget what you know about the perm. You don’t even have to head down to Street Beach to get soft, beach-y waves that require minimal styling. The perm will give you volume and gentle curls that last – even when you get them wet.

There are a few different types of perms, depending on what you want as well as your hair type. Read on and give these curls a whirl:

  • Body Perm - Turn up that volume with a body perm. This perfect for ladies with thin or flat hair, who want to add body and life to their locks. The perm produces loose curls and gentle waves. If you have sharp features or a square face shape, it can also soften your features. We recommend growing your hair shoulder-length or longer – you want a bit of weight with your curls, or it can have that triangle effect.
  • Spot / Plain Curl Perm - This type of perm focuses on curling a specific part of your hair. Curl your mid-section or the end of your hair for a very natural, woke-up-in-this wave.
  • Root Perm - If you want a blast of volume, you can spot-perm the top of your head to lift your hair roots. This can be used on women with short hair who want to give it a bit of height, texture and body. This is relatively better than others when it comes to minimal chemical damage.
  • Multi-textured Perm - Using two different styling rods, this perm leaves varying sizes of curls throughout your hair – soft in some places and tighter in other sections. This looks more natural than uniform curls, and adds definition to your face.
  • Modern Stacked Perm - This is perfect for women with all-one-length hair. You curl the mid-to-end sections of your hair to give the illusions of layers for volume and texture.

Get ready to make waves, and make an appointment with one of our hair salons in Brisbane today.