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Ombre in Melbourne

We’re all about ombre everyday. Whether you are shopping on trendy Chapel Street or trawling through vintage shops on Brunswick Road, you won’t be able to get enough of this fashionable hair colouring technique. It’ll go with all your outfits and compliment your personality perfectly. Look through our list of colour technicians in Melbourne and ombre your hair today.

Here are a few reasons why it’s our favourite hair colouring technique:

**It’s versatile ** You can go for a subtle transition or turn up the drama. Your root colour gradually fades out to a lighter colour in the ends. If you are looking for a more natural look, choose blonde for your tips. Darken your root colour for a more dramatic look. You can also opt for funky pastels or sexy copper tones if you’re feeling adventurous.

It also looks good with most hair lengths. You can wear it straight, wavy or curled.

It’s good for your hair The colourist will typically apply colour partway down from your roots. Only a section of your hair is covered in dye, which is better than applying colour to the whole scalp. If your hair does become brittle from the bleach, you can trim the damaged ends.

It’s easy to maintain It’ll save you frequent trips to the salon. Instead of touching up your roots every 4 – 6 weeks, there is no visible regrowth. If you’re sick of your ombre, you can just grow it out. It's the lazy girl's dream.

Taking care of your hair Keep your hair salon-fresh. It’s all about moisturizing your hair. After all, it’s been bleached and dyed which can make it feel more dry and brittle. We love a hydrating hair masque once a week, and using a heat protectant before we style our locks. Violet-shampoo is a must to keep your blonde from becoming brassy.

Hurray for ombre! Melbourne babes, aren’t you ready to book well? Make an appointment with one of our hair salons today.