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Ombre in Brisbane

Dip your toes into the hottest dip-dye technique. Brisbane is laid back and your hair colour should match your easy, breezy lifestyle. That is why we at Bookwell love ombre. It's versatile and looks great no matter the occasion. Look through our list of salons in Brisbane and you are only a few clicks away from the hair of your dreams.

What is ombre? Ombre means shadow or shading in French. This technique is characterized by the transition from the dark roots to lighter tips. Talk to a professional stylist about a colour that best suits your complexion and base hair colour. Those with darker hair can opt for red or copper ends; if you have lighter hair, you can get a little adventurous and mix it up with a pastel hue.

You can go from subtle to dramatic with this oh-so-versatile technique.

How is it applied? This would depend on your stylist but basically, they will apply bleach or dye using vertical strokes from your tips to midway to your roots. They’ll blend the colour in carefully to avoid an obvious demarcation line.

This is also better for your hair because the dye is only apply near the tips and not all over your scalp.

It’s low-maintenance Say goodbye to regular trips to the salon. There is plenty of room for (re)growth and if you get bored of the colour, you can just cut the ends of.

Introducing sombre This is ombre’s subtler sister. This is similar to ombre with a transition towards lighter tip, however, it weaves the darker hue found at the roots through the lengths of hair. There is less of an abrupt contrast between roots and ends. This imparts the perfect sunkissed look. We love this on blonde and brunette hair. If you are a brunette you can add soft tones of gold, honey and caramel.

We know you’re dye-ing to try this out. Book an appointment with one of our hair colouring technicians in Brisbane today.