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Hair Braiding in Melbourne

It's official! Braids have left the beach! Hair braiding is now just as popular in the city as it is on the coast. In fact, it's one of the smoothest looks on the street.

There's been some debate in the past as to whether braids are a good look for the office. It really depends on the braid. Remember, braid is actually a generic term that can be applied both to a cornrow or a simple plait.

Braiding for Work

Braids can be done as a partial weave, like a Waterfall Braid. This can keep hair away from the face, whilst providing visual interest, and would be a great style for work. Braids - even tightly woven - can also be pulled up into amazing up-dos and ponytails.

Your work hairstyle has a lot to do with the type of job you're in. For example, if you work in the food industry, braids would be a perfect way to keep your locks under control! Do they work in the executive world? That's up to you.

Colour Your Braid

There are a million creative things you can do with braids. As well as the many different styles, you can mix it up with colour, too. Some braid-lovers weave in sections of coloured artificial hair. Others wrap their braids in coloured yarn.

If you've got foils, balayage or ombre, you can create some really amazing looking braids. Have a chat with your stylist about the best way to go.

Get Creative

Braids have been around forever, making them one of the most enduring hairstyles in history. The idea just doesn't get old. However, there's a lot more creativity these days and stunning accessories for jazzing them up.

You'll find salons listed on Bookwell that specialise in hair braiding, and also sell accessories, so you can try something different every time. Why not hop online and book an appointment for fabulous hair braid styling now?