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Barbers in Brisbane

If your grooming routine is less Patrick Bateman in American Psycho and more homeless dude roaming the streets, it’s probably high time you paid a visit to one of Brisbane’s top barber shops.

Offering the manliest of manly grooming treatments, and products that’ll leave you looking perfectly polished, Bookwell is home to some of the best barbers in Brisbane. The best bit? You can book a barbershop appointment with us in a matter of seconds.

Here’s why you guys should convert to the barbershop team ASAP.

In case you didn’t know, barbers are actually trained in the art of male grooming. Standard hair salons are generally unisex, offering haircuts to both men and women, but they don’t really specialise in looking after guys.

A barber is trained to cut your hair with clippers, rather than scissors. The art of clippering is one which requires total precision and attention to detail, and let’s face it; your local hairdresser probably doesn’t know their way around a set.

Not only will they take care of the hair on your head, a barber will look after your facial and neck hair, too. If your disposable Gillette just isn’t ‘cutting’ it anymore, head in for a cut throat shave, AKA the closest, and best damn shave of your life.

You’ll be pampered with a hot towel, luxe shaving cream and a dash of wonderfully masculine aftershave for the total barbershop experience. Like the products being used? Envision yourself looking and smelling this great every day? You better believe you can pick up a set of your own. Go on, ditch that 2-in-1 shampoo and treat yo’self. Your skin and hair will thank you for it.

If the worldly, masculine experience that is the good old-fashioned barbershop sounds up your alley, book a barber appointment in Brisbane today, and never look back.