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Microblading in Melbourne

When Microblading first reached Australian shores Melbourne was one of the first cities to offer this incredible service. For those who wanted a stronger-looking brow without using cosmetic tattooing, it was a miracle.

Microblading was developed in Asia, with the intention of helping those who had lost their eyebrow hair through illness, medications or genetics. When it reached the Western World it quickly became a popular cosmetic treatment.

Microblading vs Cosmetic Tattooing

Although similar in concept to cosmetic tattooing, microblading has a lot of differences. The first one to consider is that it is classed as semi-permanent, whereas tattooing is permanent. This is partly due to the equipment used. Instead of a tattoo gun microblading uses tiny needles. As a result the colour only penetrates three layers of skin, instead of seven.

Another big difference between cosmetic tattooing and microblading is the technique. A cosmetic tattooist will draw an outline and then fill it in for a more solid look. With microblading, the consultant will draw the hairs one at a time for a more natural look.

Choose a Qualified Practitioner

With both treatments, it is essential to choose only qualified professionals. Not only will you get better results but you also avoid the risk of things going wrong. For example, microblading is not suitable for everyone so you need to be assessed before treatment is agreed.

You will also be given very specific aftercare directions which you need to follow. When you undergo microblading in Melbourne you will be advised not to go swimming for at least 72 hours. You should also avoid the solarium and give the gym a miss for a few days, as sweating can slow down the healing process.

The best microblading in Melbourne is particularly suited to those with very fair eyebrows. An experienced practitioner will be able to blend in the tattooed lines to give you colour and shape, without it looking unnatural. Find out more by searching Bookwell for a professional near you.