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Eyelash Lift in Melbourne

Have you tried an Eyelash Lift in Melbourne yet? We totally recommend it if you'd like longer looking lashes without using extensions.

An eyelash lift is really a newer version of the eyelash perm, although the two are a little different. The eyelash lift 'lifts' your lashes from the base whereas an eyelash perm 'curls' your lashes. The eyelash lift also uses a different method.

Add An Eyelash Tint

After cleansing your lashes and eye area your consultant will put special silicon pads in place to hold your lashes. The lifting solution is very carefully applied and left to do its thing. Once removed an eyelash tint can be applied.

The result is amazing; whilst the treatment doesn't physically lengthen or thicken your lashes it looks as if it has. Suddenly you have the most luscious sweeping lashes in the world! Best of all the treatment lasts until your lashes naturally fall out and renew themselves, and that could be 8 weeks or more.

Get Up & Go 'Makeup'

Is the treatment worth it? We say 'yes, definitely'. It's not overly expensive, the results are really noticeable and they last. If you don't want to get eyelash extensions of wear falsies this is the treatment for you.

Most good salons offer the service so always get it done by a professional. That way you can be sure of safely getting the very best results. Once you've tried it you'll probably be hooked, especially if you get the eyelash tint, too.

Longer Looking Lashes

Imagine getting out of bed in the morning, or out of the shower, pool or ocean, with perfect lashes. There's no need for mascara and your new longer looking lashes will make your eyes look bigger. For an even more amazing look, that will save you time, you could team up an eyelash lift in Melbourne with an eyeliner tattoo. Then it's a case of eye makeup done!