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Spa Packages

Aroma Spa

Boost your immune system with this aroma inspired hydrotherapy bath, increasing blood circulation, sending more nutrients & oxygen to your tissues, whilst easing tension and insomnia. Muscle & joint aches are relaxed leaving you with a feeling of sedation and wellness. You are able to choose from a selection of Aromatherapy Oil blends making this a signature treatment.

Milk Bath

Immerse your body in a rose petal Milk Bath laden with the finest of Essential Oils. 2 formulas have been customized according to your body needs. * For those that want to hydrate their dehydrated, lifeless skin, the Rehydration Milk Bath is for you. Orange, Rose, Geranium & Lavender are the key Essential Oils in this treatment. *For those that wish to merely relax their tired body, the Relaxation Milk Bath treatment is the ideal. Step into an Aromatherapy infused Spa with Lavender, Geranium & Marjoram oils, it will certainly relax the “tired you”. Enjoy!!

Radiant Dead Sea Mineral Bath

Known worldwide for their curative effects, soothing Dead Sea salts benefit problem skin, especially Psoriasis & Eczema. 100% natural Dead Sea salts are added to your spa for a revitalizing & deeply relaxing experience. After a 30min immersion your body will feel healed, relaxed, pampered & completely radiant. The perfect solution to a hectic lifestyle.

Vichy Rain Shower

Lie back on the Monsoon Rain Shower bed carved in rosewood and enjoy a 30min hydrotherapy pressure massage. Relax as your Spa Therapist targets 6 hydrotherapy jets to various parts of the body. Allow the warm tropical rain to eliminate stress from your mind, body & soul, improving your circulation whilst hydrating your skin. Your body is then massaged with an aromatic cream to complete your experience.

Vichy Sea Salt Glow

A replenishing salt glow treatment derived from Dead Sea Salts, which targets your whole entire body. This full body scrub is highly effective in eliminating dead lifeless skin as it contains a combination of Dead Sea Salts acting as natural peeling agents, essential oils & vitamins. It is also enriched with Royal Jelly Extract & Beeswax which are also vital agents in protecting the skin’s nutrients & its resistance to climatic & environmental conditions that are harsh on our skin. You will truly feel revitalized as 6 high powered jets are targeted at specific areas of built up tension, warm water cascades above you, your skin cell renewal is enhanced and your skin’s natural glow is restored. Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed leaving you revitalized and free of impurities. Your body is then massaged with a water base aroma pack. This invigorating treatment brings you the Spa Experience of the Dead Sea.

Sea Salt Shower

Enjoy an invigorating & replenishing body exfoliation using mineral Dead Sea salts as a natural peeling agent to effectively remove dead skin cells that dull the natural tone of your skin. Combining Olive & Coconut Oils, Beeswax, Royal Jelly Extract & vitamins, this salt scrub stimulates circulation. A warm shower leaves your skin feeling fresh and a relaxing massage with an Aromatic Body Cream completes the treatment, your skin is now hydrated and divinely silky smooth.

Detoxifying Dead Sea Mud Wrap

Dead Sea Mud has been renowned for thousands of years as both a beautifier & healer, first recognized by Cleopatra. This treatment involves full dry exfoliation with a body brush and then Mineral-rich 100% Dead Sea Mud is lathered onto your body to deeply purify & detoxify, drawing out impurities & toxins. The warm mud that is applied will also help ease your muscular aches & pains. The Aromatic Body Cream is applied to your body ending in a mini massage using effleurage movements. As a Mud Bath treatment(enter the Aqua room & immerse yourself in a spa for 20mins). As a Vichy Treatment (you experience hydro pressure jets & a rain shower)

Aromatic Body Wrap

Is your skin looking dry & dehydrated?? This treatment is designed to replenish moisture in dehydrated skins whilst it nourishes & tones it. Enjoy a dry exfoliation, then your body will be enveloped in an aromatic mask to nourish & revitalize your skin. You are wrapped up in foil where the aromatic mask permeates for 20mins. Final lotion is then massaged into your body. Replenishing Salt Glow & Vichy Rain Shower added to this treatment.

Aromatic Vanilla Cocoon

For a nourishing treatment that will surround you with the aroma of the Vanilla Fragrance. Enjoy a Replenishing Vanilla Salt Glow, removed with hot towel therapy, followed by being enveloped in the Vanilla Body Butter & cocooned for 20mins to allow the skin to receive nourishment. A complementary scalp massage is given during this process. Treatment concludes in a light massage bringing back life to dry & mature skins. ** Designed to be a luxurious treatment, this treatment is “heaven scent”. You will certainly leave feeling as if you’re on cloud nine, wearing a vanilla scent!

Body Contouring Infusion

Are you unhappy with your overall body appearance? Finally, a treatment that targets your concerns as it focuses on firming all areas of the body! This spa package is an intensive treatment specifically designed to reduce that “puffy” look, refine your silhouette & minimize the appearance of cellulite. It is a treatment performed with light massage strokes to relax your mind & uplift the skin. Treatment includes a full body exfoliation with Dead Sea salts in the Oceana Room, removal with Hot Towel Therapy, a detoxifying mud wrap infused with revitalizing and firming oils, a hydro pressure massage with the Vichy Rain shower jets and the amazing journey will conclude in the Revive Room where you will experience a Light Firming Massage with the Aromatic Body Cream. This Spa Treatment will leave your skin feeling firmer, smoother & more refined. Ideal for people concerned with Cellulite, Stretch Marks & sagging skin. Weekly treatments over a 6 week period will promise weight loss.

Natural Dead Sea Experience

Experience the Dead Sea with this Spa Package including a Dead Sea Salt scrub which you can shower off or experience with a hot towel removal, a Dead Sea mud wrap (raw mud from the Dead Sea in Israel is applied), which you can continue your journey with on a rain shower bed or in a luxurious spa (as a mud bath) and to conclude your Dead Sea experience you will receive a light Classical Massage with an exquisite cold-pressed Sweet Almond Oil, enriched with Vitamin E & containing Sesame, Jojoba, Avocado & Grape-Seed oils to promote optimal moisture balance of the skin rendering it into a silky, supple texture.

Pampering Dead Sea Experience

Enjoy the benefits of the Dead Sea & delight your senses with this exotic and pampering Day Spa package as you enter the Oceana room & Dead Sea salts are applied & massaged into your body, you are then transported to the Aqua Room where you will soak in a Dead Sea Mineral Spa (laden with Dead Sea salts & Oils) for 40mins, you then return to the Oceana Room to receive a Dead Sea mud wrap applied with an effleurage massage technique & a complementary scalp massage. Once processed you may either shower off or further enhance your experience with a hydro pressure massage on the Vichy Rain Shower bed. Your Spa journey concludes with a relaxing massage using the Aromatic Body Cream. A truly nourishing treatment; the ultimate of total relaxation & bliss!!

Tahitian Spa Exfoliation

Relax & experience a Total Body Exfoliation using Lavender, Geranium & Marjoram aromatherapy Essential Oils. A complementary facial & scalp massage is given with this treatment, you then enter the Aqua Room where you step into a Milk Bath for 20mins of intense hydration. This Spa Treatment will surely make you feel “relaxed” & “re-grounded.”

Fusion Spa Re-hydration

Is your body in need of hydration? This treatment contains a re-hydration formula of carefully picked aromatherapy oil blends that will certainly transform the look and feel of your skin. Experience “euphoria” as you receive a full body massage with a Massage Butter Balm containing the essential oils: Orange; Rose; Geranium & Lavender. You will then enjoy the Aloe Vera Body Wrap( where an Aloe Vera body hydrating mask will infuse intense hydration for 35mins). You will then be transported to another dimension when you enter the Aqua Room where you will immerse your body into a milk spa to further enhance the hydrating properties of the essential oils used in this treatment. A perfect treatment specifically tailored to correct dehydrated skin.

Citrus Spa Detox

This is a Spa, slim & detox package rolled into one! It assists in poor elimination, circulation, constipation, Cellulite (orange peel texture skin), pre-menstrual fluid retention & weight loss. Combined, the Essential Oils; Peppermint, Lemon & Black Pepper in this treatment stimulate the lymphatic system, increasing blood flow, dissolving & releasing toxins held in your body. Lymphatic stimulant diuretic helps with cellulite also. Lemon helps circulation, is invigorating to the immune system, has a decongestant action & helps drain fluid retention. Your therapist will begin with a stimulating Lymphatic Massage with detox oil, concentrating on all your lymphatic congested areas, then a full body salt balm exfoliation & body detox salt wrap(for 30mins) will be experienced increasing blood circulation & cell oxygenation. This Spa Package ends with a Sea Salt Spa Bath treatment to further infuse the detox process. What a fantastic way to shed some kilos! It makes a great circulation treatment for arthritic sufferers too!

Body Treatments

Restorative Back Treatment

A facial treatment for your back straight from the Dead Sea! Involves the cleansing of surface debris, exfoliation using a Dead Sea salt scrub, steaming the area to open the pores for easy removal of bacteria, & extraction of any comedones or blemishes visible in the area. A mud mask (raw mud from the Dead Sea) is applied to further draw out impurities & calm the skin. Hot towel therapy is used to remove mask. Finish off with a relaxing back, neck & shoulder massage to conclude your treatment. You are now refreshed & rejuvenated.

Micro Dermal Back Treatment

A Microdermabrasion back treatment, involving deep exfoliation and removal of surface debris with corundum crystals. Targeted at problematic skin types, this treatment is more than just a back treatment. Refer to the above treatment for a more detailed explanation of what this service entails.

Ingrown Hair Exfoliation + Treatment

Exceptional treatment for those unsightly ingrown hairs on the body! Area being treated is exfoliated with the Liquid Body Lufra from the Nu Skin product range made out of walnut husks (a loofah in a bottle!). Dead skin cells are sloughed away to allow for easy ingrown hair removal. Skin is steamed to soften & treat inflamed pores. Ingrown hairs are then carefully lanced so there is minimal epidermal disturbance. A calming mask is applied to affected areas to reduce redness & allow for the healing process to commence.

Crystal Body Polish

For a total body experience!! Replenish your skin & increase your circulation with this deluxe body treatment. Microdermabrasion is used to effectively resurface your skin from top to toe, revealing the perfect skin which lies directly beneath the surface. Regular treatments will help erase various skin imperfections such as scarring & even stretch marks as collagen & elasticity is encouraged. You will receive total body rejuvenation as Vitamins: A, E & C are infused into your skin to nourish it. Dead skin cells are sloughed off whilst being given a pressure- point massage at the same time – WOW!! Sloughing off dead skin cells regularly stimulates lymphatic drainage & can eliminate 1/3 of body toxins. Hot towel therapy is used in this treatment to dissolve crystals and remove dead skin cells. Perfect for the face, but ideal for the whole body. Result: Skin will be more polished & refined, healthier & younger looking, smoother & fresher all over. Ideal way to prep your skin before spray tanning (this way you get 2 treatments in 1). Escape your busy world & have a Total Body Experience now. It’s the perfect way to really pamper your body & soul.


Diathermy is an advanced technique which breaks down and permanently erases tiny red capillaries and spider naevi found in the epidermal layers of the skin. Amongst numerous other factors, sun exposure and harsh treatment of the skin such as hot showers, squeezing of pimples using your nails, taking medications, and excessive consumption of alcohol, etc causes this skin condition. Not many treatments necessary to have this skin problem under control. Sterile, disposable needles are used with every treatment.


Skin Booster Deluxe

Lie back & enjoy soft, harmonious background music as it assists your transition from the outside busy world you live in, into the serene world of total relaxation. Allow yourself to experience utter bliss!! This Deluxe Facial is a real “Skin Booster.” A 90 minute treatment that will leave your skin glowing as it delivers essential nutrients to the various areas that need them the most. Consists of: cleansing (removal of surface debris); light exfoliation (elimination of dead skin cells); aromatic steaming (facilitating easy blemish removal by opening pores); extraction of comedones (blackheads) & milia (whiteheads); a relaxing pressure point massage (effleurage & décolletage of face, neck & shoulders.. massage oil derived from plant extracts) to surely balance your mind, body & soul; a mask (marine or herbal depending on your skin type) & moisturizer (providing complete skin hydration).

Skin Booster Oil Balancer

This Deluxe facial treatment is a sebum balancer. You will experience everything expressed above in the “Skin Booster Deluxe” & more. The specifically formulated ampoules applied in the treatment will clarify your skin and shield it creating a bacteria-free zone. Certainly a facial to consider if you have an oily skin type and would like to correct it.

Intensive Hydrator

This facial involves intense hydration. Suitable for dry skin types, mature skin & for those suffering the effects of dehydration. In addition to all that is offered in the deluxe facial “Skin Booster”, this particular deluxe facial includes an exfoliant laden with essential oils & 2 deep hydrating masks i.e. a mask made from Pine-Cone extracts & a Vitamin E Herbal Mask. Both of these masks combined deliver optimum moisturization whilst calming the skin, removing impurities & infusing it with active conditioning ingredients. Exceptionally ideal for sensitive skin types because of its gentle soothing properties. It is superb for treating certain skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis & eczema.

European Facial

A facial that marks a difference! Using “Nano Technology” this facial from Europe, delivers active ingredient particles that are 100 times smaller, allowing for easy penetration through the skin, between cells & into newly forming cells. This facial promises visible improvement, including less noticeable fine lines & improved texture & tone within a short time. The results are immediate! Smoother, softer, more radiant looking skin that looks years younger. Includes exfoliation, aromatic steaming, extraction, massage on pressure points of face, neck & shoulders, specialized mask & hydrator.

Nurturing Rose

Roman Chamomile, Geranium & Rose Maroc Facial. Ideal for the “busy rushing” client!! In a Sweet Almond, Camellia, Jojoba & Wheat Germ base, this blend of essential oils will calm & balance the busy you. A Perfect facial for treating rashes & reddish skins and not to mention “excellent” for treating cystic acne. The essential oil Roman Chamomile regulates sebum production, making this type of facial ideal for sluggish, congested & oily skin. On the other hand, the essential oil Geranium helps to create a balance between oily & dry skin. The powerful, uplifting scent of Rose Maroc restores balance & harmony as it aids cellular regeneration. Enjoy!! One should avoid this particular facial during pregnancy or breast feeding

Aroma Harmony

Rose, Ylang Ylang, Geranium & Patchouli Facial. Release your tension & stress with this powerful aromatherapy facial, comprising of Rose, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli & Geranium in a Sweet Almond, Avocado, Camellia, Wheat Germ, Jojoba & Carrot base. Ylang Ylang also known as the “flower of flowers,” is an extremely fragrant essential oil with a calming effect on the mind & body. Like Geranium, it has an amazing soothing effect on the skin with the ability to correct excessively dry & dehydrated skin types as well as excessively oily skins by balancing the secretion of sebum. Patchouli acts as a superb tissue regenerator stimulating growth of new skin cells. It is also beneficial for headaches & mental fatigue. One should avoid this particular facial during pregnancy or breast feeding.

Fresh Burst

Frankincense, lemon & Neroli Facial. For when you want an inspiring, purifying & uplifting aromatherapy facial with the feeling of sedation!! Frankincense, lemon & Neroli in an Apricot Kernel, Sweet Almond, Camellia, Rosehip & Evening Primrose base. Frankincense is one of the favourites in aromatherapy as it has a wonderfully calming effect on the mind and helps to create inner peace while having a rejuvenating, balancing and healing action on the skin. Some call it a “skin tonic” as it helps rejuvenate an ageing skin, reducing scars & skin inflammation. Lemon oil soothes and relieves headaches and migraines, clears acne & removes dead skin cells with ease. Neroli oil also known as “Orange Blossom” can help to regenerate skin cells and is a rejuvenating oil useful to prevent ugly scar tissue, promote a smoother skin, & fight broken capillaries. Perfect for all skin types.

Peach Paraffin Facial

A facial with a difference! Paraffin is an ideal winter treatment. Enriched with Vitamin E & a blend of nourishing oils, it has high moisturizing power as it increases the blood flow on the treated area created by the warmth of the paraffin itself. This warmth enables the pores of the skin to open & receive an infusion of collagen or any active ingredients topically applied to the skin. Paraffin prevents water from evaporating, driving it back to the deeper layers, nourishing & rejuvenating the skin. It Smoothes, brightens, softens your skin & fine lines virtually disappear! This excellent Facial treatment includes: cleansing; exfoliation; steaming; Paraffin Mask infusion: herbal massage (effleurage & décolletage of face, neck & shoulders) & moisturizer to further lock in moisture. This 60min treat leaves your skin feeling soft, supple & deeply nourished. A real treat!! Great for all skin types but exceptional for dry or dehydrated skin

Deluxe Microdermabrasion Facial

Experience ultimate skin resurfacing! Are you sick of seeing lines & wrinkles? Are you embarrassed of the hyper-pigmentation clearly evident in your skin, not to mention visible sun damage & those unsightly enlarged pores?? What about those acne scars?? Microdermabrasion is the answer to your concerns! This non–surgical & non–invasive treatment targets all of those problems & more as it stimulates blood flow, thus encouraging cell renewal. A procedure developed in Italy in 1985 & widely used throughout Europe with great success, that has become increasingly popular in Australia. It is now widely used by celebrities and has been featured in magazines. With a series of treatments the Corundum Crystals used which are of the finest quality, smooth, refine & resurface your skin & at the same time stimulate the production of collagen & elastin within the dermis, delivering immediate lasting results. The micro–crystals are three–dimensional & irregularly shaped so that the larger crystals target the deepest lines & imperfections, whilst the smaller crystals refine & polish your entire skin. Naturally derived, these crystals are quite unique, the mineral is gentle enough to be suitable for all skin types & skin tones. Considerably smaller than exfoliant granules, it guarantees to be more effective & ensures optimum level of refinement of the skin’s surface without any damage! Powerful antioxidants & anti-inflammatory agents, Green Tea & Grapeseed are known for their ability to penetrate beneath the surface of skin to neutralise damaging environmental pollutants. This revolutionary treatment infuses vitamins A, E & C into the skin, delivering potent nutrients which fight free radicals. These vitamins together with naturally derived extracts of bran, wheatgerm, carrot & safflower promise both antioxidant & moisturizing benefits. Regular Microdermabrasion Treatments counteract negative effects of ageing, environmental conditions, stress & overexertion producing a more youthful, healthier skin & more radiant appearance.

Deluxe Micro Acne Escape

A real acne & oil balancer! This treatment uses the Microdermabrasion System to eliminate surface debris & congestion by means of the well- known skin- clarifying agent, salicylic acid. This facial targets excessive oiliness, enlarged pores, post-treatment skin discoloration, inflammation, bacterial proliferation & acne scarring. Consists of a cleanse, deep exfoliation, aroma steaming, careful extraction of various blemishes if required, European ice technique to shock & dry out blemishes, a relaxing massage(effleurage & décolletage of the face, neck & shoulders) targeting the various pressure points rendering a complete state of relaxation, an oil extracting mud mask & hydrator to seal in moisture. A series of 6-10 treatments (depending on the acuteness of the acne &, or on the excess sebum production) will be necessary for the situation to be totally under control i.e. for the control & future prevention of acne & excessive oiliness. This effective, antiseptic Microdermabrasion treatment will definitely help keep skin clear & more manageable & at the same time make you feel rejuvenated & totally revitalized!! Certainly a facial treatment not to be missed!!

Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatments

Eyebrow Tint

Eyelash Tint

Eyelash Perm

Eyelash Perm + Tint

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions (Entire Lid)

Eyelash Extensions (Outer 3rd of Lid)


Makeup - Special Occasion

Makeup - Debutante Makeover

Makeup - Bridal (Trial)

Makeup - Bridal (In Salon)

Makeup - Bridal (At Home)


The Swedish Relaxation

Indulge yourself with this soothing & purely relaxing 2hr full body massage. As each individual part of your body is massaged with a blend of Grape Seed Oil & Lavender essential oil, you slowly but surely feel yourself drift off into a profound state of serenity & you orbit to another place called “total relaxation”…. it’s a place some of us call “heaven.”

The Remedial

A deep, therapeutic, full body massage, beneficial for those who wish to relieve tension build-up or increase circulation on specific problem areas where muscle tightness is strongly evident.

The Aroma Massage

Let yourself succumb to the powers of the essential oil aromas & allow your muscles to relax completely with this aromatherapy full body massage. Essential oils are blended to your specific needs. A blend of grape seed oil together with Sandalwood to calm & balance you, Lavender for total relaxation & pain reliever in one or Mandarin for a refreshing, invigorating & stimulating treatment, to name a few! Enhance your massage experience & uplift your entire being with the purest natural aromas, the journey will leave you deliciously refreshed as it amazingly transports you from work to pleasure!!

The Sixty Minute Bliss

Lie back and enjoy a full 60 minutes of sheer bliss…. This amazing massage will make you feel each and every part of your body drop off as you receive a nurturing massage from head to toe. A back, shoulder, neck & scalp technique completes this treatment rendering you into a state of inner tranquil, reaching 100% Zen!! You will soon learn why it’s called the sixty minute bliss!

1/2 Body Massage

A half hour massage that targets the upper half of the torso... As you listen to the soft music & wind down from the day’s activities, all of your stress points will be addressed. Lavender is added to the massage treatment to further relax you. For those who want to experience pure relaxation & total rejuvenation.

Neck + Shoulder Reliever

20 minute massage focusing on pressure points & tension build-up. Consists of effleurage & décolletage of the, face, neck & shoulder area. A beautiful scalp massage complements this treatment. Leaves you feeling revived renewed & not to mention “relieved.”

Effleurage + Decolletage Supreme

A perfect massage for the upper torso involving an effleurage & décolletage of the face, neck & arms. Treatment concludes with a relaxing back massage. This massage will have you feeling regenerated, rejuvenated & revitalized. *A complementary scalp massage is given with this treatment.

Aromatic Mud Oil Massage

Turn your pampering massage into a therapeutic treatment. Enjoy the benefits of touch as well as minerals from the Dead Sea. With the healing properties found in the Dead Sea Mud, allow this massage to ease & soothe away muscle aches & pains. You will certainly feel revived & uplifted!! ** Ideal for arthritic sufferers & various other ailments.

Hahana Stone Massage

Experience a deeper level of relaxation with a "Hahana Stone Massage". This massage is like no other! Volcanic stones which have smoothed over thousands of years by gently flowing currents of water are heated for this treatment. These stones have an amazing ability to retain heat as they glide over each part of your body. Watch how your stress is lifted as you relax & unwind with ease as you are transported to another dimension. This is how your journey begins; warm, organic coconut oil is drizzled onto your body, then heated volcanic stones are then introduced applying rythmic, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage techniques, allowing the stones to release their healing energies deep into your muscles. Any tension that is trapped will dissolve as the stones target all your stress points. The hot stones will make their way into your scalp, where they are exchanged for cold marble stones providing you with a truly sensory experience which will harmonise your body, mind and spirit. Certainly a massage you will remember.

Hahana Aromatic Stone Massage

Allow the aromatic power of this massage to relax you even further than the traditional "Hahana Stone Massage". During this amazing massage, a drop of Sandalwood essential oil placed on each stone acts as an aromatherapy diffuser. This will further enhance the effects of your treatment, relaxing you to an even deeper level than you could ever have imagined. Book one today and enjoy the journey.


California Manicure

A relaxing & nourishing basic manicure. Each nail is meticulously filed & shaped according to your satisfaction. Cuticles are carefully cared for, trimming back any loose skin & conditioning them with Creative Solar Oil products. Solar Oil is a blend of 4 oils that complement each other: Jojoba oil; Vitamin E; Rice bran oil & Almond oil, the best blend of oils you can find, which hydrate & nourish your delicate nails & cuticles promoting growth. A relaxing hand & arm massage using the famous California Mango lotion accompanies this treatment then coating your nails with a polish of your choice adds the final touch.

Citrus Spa Manicure

Treat yourself to this unforgettable Manicure & Hand Treatment rolled into one, it is real therapy for your hands! Citrus Spa Manicure is a deeply intense deluxe manicure which continually feeds the skin with moisturizing nutrients such as Aloe Vera (a natural healing agent) and the important Vitamins E & C. Your hands will be cleansed with an ultra-mild citrus soak & exfoliated with rich exfoliating crystals containing crystalline citric acid complex. Antioxidant vitamins present in this hand & arm treatment reawaken & rejuvenate the skin, reactivating vital cells, reducing the visible signs of ageing. The crystal activator used is an intense moisturizing cream serum which “activates” the exfoliating crystals, forming an A.H.A (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) complex thus penetrating the skin. Dead skin cells are sloughed off, promoting your new skin to shine through. This new skin is intensely hydrated & renewed. With this treatment you will certainly have an extraordinary spa experience your hands will never forget!!

Lemon Squash Spa Manicure

This Spa Manicure will gently polish & deeply condition your dry, parched hands. Your journey will begin when you soak your hands in an invigorating citrus milk bath-a warm oil milk bath containing Vitamin E, grape seed & jojoba oils. Your skin will then be exfoliated with fine salts & sugar cane soft beads. The lustrous citrus illuminating mask will elevate your Spa Manicure experience boosting it to a luxurious conditioning treatment. The silky smooth hydrating lotion will complete your journey. Follow up treatments will help reduce visible signs of aging, restore your skin to its natural suppleness & elasticity & will protect & defend it against damaging environmental influences such as: sun; wind, etc.

French Manicure

Give your nails the French touch & treat yourself to a French Manicure. Choose from the most subtle to the most striking white tip. You won’t believe how “clean” & “presentable” your nails will look after this treatment!!

French Pearl Manicure

Add a bit of pink pearl shimmer to your French look, it’s a guaranteed winner! Perfect for brides.

French Buff + Polish

For when you don’t have time but crave freshly painted nails & a perfectly manicured look.

French Polish

Re-polish & renew your nails the French way! Involves the removal of old polish & reapplication of a fresh coat of French polish. There are various different shades of white available to choose from.

Walnut Hand Treatment

Plant extract infused, this nourishing treatment allows for exfoliation of your hand & arm area using walnut husks. Conditioning hand mask made out of Vitamin E & various plant extracts is applied to hands & then wrapped up in towels to permeate. A fantastic, hydrating manicure. Relaxing massage & polish included.

Miracle Hand Treatment

Experience a wonderful combination of Dead Sea salts, the highest quality plant, fruit & nut oils & selected essential oils which are raw, natural ingredients. This treatment is definitely a “Beauty Spell” as it combines the perfect selection of oils & salts containing high mineral & vitamin content to correct various skin conditions such as: Eczema; psoriasis; contact dermatitis & other skin conditions caused from hypersensitivity. Laden with healing properties, this manicure helps inflammatory skin conditions, as it soothes & calms irritations. Ask for your “Miracle” today! Exfoliation, massage & nail paint all included in this treatment. Friendly to all skin types, especially suited to dry & dehydrated skins.

Paraffin Bath

The use of paraffin goes back to the Roman Times. It is a terrific natural lubricator & muscle relaxer. This hydrating treatment requires immersing your hands into a hot peach-scented paraffin bath, wrapping them in plastic bags & slipping them into fluffy hand mitts that trap the heat in, allowing for quick penetration. Enriched with Vitamin E & a blend of nourishing oils, it leaves your skin feeling luxuriously soft, supple & deeply nourished. This is an immediate, intense, skin booster! Also great for providing pain relief in the joints as it stimulates circulation & promotes healing. A meticulous buff & polish is included in this treatment.

Paraffin Treatment

An intense moisturizing treatment that draws toxins out of the skin! It stimulates blood circulation, flushing out fluids that get trapped in the joints. This deluxe treatment is a great therapy for arthritis & carpal tunnel syndrome, promoting pain-free mobility. The physical properties of paraffin are what allow it to retain heat extremely well, immediately targeting the affected areas. Includes full manicure & polish of your choice.

Spa Manicure Paraffin Deluxe

This treatment is everything offered in the “Citrus Spa Manicure” & more! As we age, skin regeneration is slowed down, resulting in a thinning of the skin & a loss of elasticity. With the Spa Mani Paraffin treatment, your cells are further stimulated & hydrated with a Paraffin Mask, encouraging collagen & elasticity in the skin. It re-hydrates & detoxifies – a treatment not to be missed!


Buff + Polish

Keep your toe nails looking perfect with this treatment! Each toe nail is trimmed and filed, and any ridges are smoothed down in preparation for the polish of your choice.

Mini Pedicure

This mini treatment involves toe nail filing, cuticle tidy up, conditioning with Solar Oil, and dead skin removal with rasp and polish of your choice. Ideal treatment for in between pedicures.

French Pedicure

For a perfectly French look, try the French Pedicure. Your toes will be filed and buffed to perfection, and then French polished. The result will be a sparkly, clean look. Try the French Manicure for an overall French look. Nothing else like French fingers to match your French toes!

Walnut Husk Pedicure

Soak, file, cuticle trimming and conditioning, dead skin removal by means of walnut husk exfoliation, stimulating massage using the famous California Mango lotion and polish of your choice.

Perse Organic Clove Pedicure

Revitalise, improve circulation and uplift your body with this decadent organic pedicure. Your feet will enjoy a soak and then will be exfoliated withe the Persé Organic Body Polish enriched with a pure essential oil blend of clove, rosewood, lemon, grapefruit and orange. Toe nails will be shaped, cuticles will be trimmed and conditioned and feet will be massaged and moisturised with Persé Rose Geranium Organic body lotion. The organic aroma in this foor treatment will make this pedicure a truly sensory experience for you.

Raw Earth Winter Pedicure

Indulge yourself in an earth-derived pedicure filled with healing properties due to natural ingredients rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, stimulating essential oils and conditioning agents that will moisturise, sooth and polish your skin. Submerge your feet in a fizzing mineral bath containing: Malachite - a naturally occuring mineral that aids in protecting skin against environmental stress; Calendula and Sandalwood Oils - natural antiseptics to soften the skin; Grapefruit, Lavender and Peppermint Oils - natural oils which will provide you with an aromatherapeutic experience. Stubborn cuticles are then eliminated from the nail plate and nails are filed and shaped. Dead skin cells are sloughed away to polish and smooth your skin with a warming A.H.A. foot scrub made of raw sugar, Citric Acid (naturally produced from citrus fruits), Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Geranium, Evening Primrose Oil, and Vitamins A and E, to soften, moisturise and reduce signs of aging. Calluses are treated, soles and heels are softened with an A.H.A. sea serum and smoothed with a rasp. Skin is pampered with a conditioning volcanic clay foot masque, fortified with a rich blend of hydrating and protective vitamins and minerals. A relaxing and hydrating foot and leg massage completes the journey with a vitamin and mineral enriched lotion that will shield your skin. Your choice of enamel adds the final beautiful touch.

Spa Marine Deluxe Pedicure

Do you describe your feet as ugly, horrible, disgusting or terrible looking?? Turn your ugly looking toes into beautiful pretty ones with this deluxe, sea-inspired beauty treatment. You will be blown away by their transformation, it will leave you feeling like you're "walking on air". Products from the Creative Range, directly from the sea are used. Your feet will soak in a foaming seaweed and sea rocks foot bath. A softening, hydrating, aroma-therapeutic treatment containing Dead Sea salts, Tea Tree oil, softening Rice Bran oil, and conditioning Vitamin E. Toe nails are meticulously manicured, and cuticles are trimmed and conditioned. Feet are then exfoliated with an A.H.A. sea scrub - an aromatic foot scrub containing quartz crystals, silica and a marine alpha-hydroxy acid complex to effectively eliminate rough, dry skin. A callous rasp is used to smooth the tougher skin. The application of a rejuvenating foot masque enhanced with hydrating sea extracts, conditioning mineral clays and soothing aromatherapy botanicals will leave your feet feeling soft, moisturised and cool. Your feet will truly feel pampered as they slip into plastic bags and are wrapped in a fresh terry towel, allowing the masque to permeate. This amazing aroma-therapeutic will surely invigorate your senses. Be prepared to experience a truly sensory journey immediately following your masque as the pressure points of your feet and lower legs are massaged with the choice of 2 oils that will leave your feet silky smooth and amazingly soft. Time to complement the treatment with the enamel of your choice! Marine botanicals and other natural ingredients which keep your feet cool for hours after, make this pedicure perfect for summer!

Ultra Deluxe Spa Marine Pedicure + Callus + Cucumber Heel Therapy Treatment

This aroma-therapeutic pedicure is quite explosive with sensations. You will experience everything described above in the Spa Marine Deluxe Pedicure and more! Your aromatherapy foot spa experience will include an A.H.A. cuticle remover which will gently eliminate stubborn cuticles from your nail plate. Then, a moisture pack is created as a drop of Solar Oil is massaged into each cuticle. Solar Oil is a blend of four of the best oils; Rice Bran oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E and Almond oil. To further enhance exfoliation, Sea Salt Glow is used to complement the A.H.A. sea scrub. This is a blend of Mineral Salts, Sea Salts, Vitamin E and Sunflower oil, which continues the exfoliating and moisturising process, leaving your skin glowing and smooth to the touch. Sea Serum is also applied to the calluses and dry spots on feet. This is a highly effective, concentrated callus treatment containing 20% alpha-hydroxy acid complex which has penetrating ingredients that break down the toughest calluses. At the same time, it's protective ingredients soothe sensitive and delicate skin. Terry towels are wrapped around to cushion your feet, allowing the serum to penetrate. This callus smoother is then used to further slough away the now broken down, tough, dead skin. Following the hydrating Marine Masque and invigorating massage, it's time for your Cucumber Heel therapy. Calluses are in need of intense moisture, an intensive moisturising complex will renew and continue to aid in the repair of your dried, cracked skin. Polish of your choice is applied, and feet are guaranteed to look perfectly pedicured for weeks.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic - Full Set

Have you had enough of your short, stumpy looking nails, or what’s worse, have you been a “nail biter” all your life & would love to change the way those unsightly nails make your hands look?? Well, there is a solution; a full set of Acrylic Nails. A meticulous procedure whereby each artificial nail is tailored appropriately to each finger, measured with such precision, your new nails will end up looking & feeling like your very own & what’s more, everyone else will think they are too!!

Acrylic - Infill

Acrylic nail extensions need regular follow-up appointments every 2 – 3wks to keep them balanced & looking perfect. As your nails grow, your acrylic tip will become top heavy so missing one of these appointments can result in the loss of one or even several acrylic nails. During an acrylic treatment, old acrylic is buffed away with a gentle high powered nail drill providing room for a new foundation. This will guarantee perfect adhesion for new, fresh acrylic. Nails are then buffed, shaped & polished, voila`.

Acrylic - Buff + Polish (Natural Nails)

This is perfect for the busy client that doesn’t have a lot of time or for those that would like to maintain their regular shape & conditioning. Involves, filing the natural nail, buffing off excess oils, conditioning of the cuticles & polish of your choice if desired.

Acrylic - Buff + Polish (Artificial Nails)

Artificial nails are blended (old acrylic is blended where lifting has occurred.) Nails are then filed & polished with the colour of your choice. Good for in between appointments or for when you haven’t been able to do a refill when necessary. Also good for when you decide you no longer want false nails & want to grow your acrylic out the safe way, causing no damage to your natural nail at all.

Acrylic - Re-polish

Renew your nails with a fresh coat of polish of your choice. Both leading brands, Creative & O.P.I. nail polish offers you a selection of colour options which promise long lasting wear. To further seal your colour, Seche Vite, the world’s number one top coat 10yrs running, is used.

Acrylic - White Knights

White tips are adhered to your natural nail, giving them a French Manicured finish. As nail grows, white tip on free edge is filed away with each infill appointment. Complemented with a coat of clear, shiny top coat.

Acrylic - Permanent French

This treatment requires the application of 2 acrylic resins: one is white & the other is pink, together you have the French Manicured look (several different shades of white & pink acrylic are available for you to choose from). There is a lot of attention to detail in this nail treatment, as each nail is carefully selected & filed to suit the shape of your fingers.

Acrylic - French Infill

This appointment is necessary in order to maintain your French artificial nails. Regular 2 – 3 weekly appointments guarantee that they stay connected to your natural nail. Any lifting is buffed down & prepared for a fresh acrylic reapplication – only one acrylic is needed here.

Acrylic - French Rebalance

After a few French infills, your nails will be ready for a rebalance as your white acrylic will have been filed down considerably by now. Your white, free edge is recreated & the reapplication of fresh pink acrylic secures it all in place, to give you that fresh French look.

Acrylic - Overlay

Nails are buffed in preparation for direct application of acrylic resin onto your natural nail plate to keep them strong & resistant to breakages. Ideal treatment for natural nails that are brittle & constantly tearing. Will need 2 – 3 weekly appointments.

Soak Off

Removing acrylic nails is a delicate procedure that should be performed with care. This treatment is the careful & painless removal of artificial nails, so that the nail plate is not disturbed. Nails are soaked in acetone solution & carefully buffed away so that little if any damage is caused to your natural nail. A complementary manicure is given with this treatment.

Nail Repair

Nail Art

Are you bored of how plain your nails look? How about spicing them up with some nail art? There are various different types of nail designs available to you.


Waxing - Eyebrow Tidy Up

Waxing - Eyebrow Precision Shaping

Waxing - Eyebrow Sculpture

Waxing - Lip

Waxing - Nose

Waxing - Ears

Waxing - Chin

Waxing - Chin + Lip + Eyebrows

Waxing - Cheekbones

Waxing - Sides of Face

Waxing - Neck

Waxing - Underarms

Waxing - Stomach

Waxing - Snail Trail

Waxing - Chest

Waxing - Back

Waxing - Lower Back

Waxing - Back + Neck + Shoulders

Waxing - Bottom

Waxing - Standard Bikini

Waxing - G-String

Waxing - XXX Bikini

Waxing - XXX.5 Bikini

Waxing - XXXX Bikini

Waxing - Thighs

Includes knees.

Waxing - 1/2 Arms

Waxing - 1/2 Legs

Women's Waxing

Ladies' Waxing - Full Arms

Ladies' Waxing - 3/4 Legs

Ladies' Waxing - Full Legs

Ladies' Waxing - Full Legs + Standard Bikini

Men's Waxing

Men's Waxing - Full Arms

Men's Waxing - 3/4 Legs

Men's Waxing - Full Legs

Electrolysis Hair Removal


A fantastic treatment for those unwanted hairs! With regular visits to the salon, this treatment will leave your body “hair free” permanently. Sterile, disposable needles are used with every treatment.

Sunless Tanning

Spray Tan - 1/2 Body

Looking for a natural, European, sun-kissed look? Welcome to “Liquid Sun”, a 100% natural based formula providing intensive age fighting & skin firming properties. This state-of-the-art spray tan strengthens & reinforces skin tone & elasticity. Special ingredients help to lock hydration into the skin for superior results which last up to 10 days. Containing no alcohol, artificial fragrances or other chemicals which may irritate or dry the skin, it develops into a flawless tan within 6 - 8 hours. The active tanning ingredient is DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), a sugar based derivative that reacts with the keratin proteins in the surface (dead) layers of your skin, producing a beautiful bronzed glow. Studies have proven Liquid Sun to hold anti-inflammatory properties so it's great for sensitive skin types too!

Spray Tan - Full Body

Looking for a natural, European, sun-kissed look? Welcome to “Liquid Sun”, a 100% natural based formula providing intensive age fighting & skin firming properties. This state-of-the-art spray tan strengthens & reinforces skin tone & elasticity. Special ingredients help to lock hydration into the skin for superior results which last up to 10 days. Containing no alcohol, artificial fragrances or other chemicals which may irritate or dry the skin, it develops into a flawless tan within 6 - 8 hours. The active tanning ingredient is DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), a sugar based derivative that reacts with the keratin proteins in the surface (dead) layers of your skin, producing a beautiful bronzed glow. Studies have proven Liquid Sun to hold anti-inflammatory properties so it's great for sensitive skin types too!

Spray Tan - Full Body (5 Sessions)

Looking for a natural, European, sun-kissed look? Welcome to “Liquid Sun”, a 100% natural based formula providing intensive age fighting & skin firming properties. This state-of-the-art spray tan strengthens & reinforces skin tone & elasticity. Special ingredients help to lock hydration into the skin for superior results which last up to 10 days. Containing no alcohol, artificial fragrances or other chemicals which may irritate or dry the skin, it develops into a flawless tan within 6 - 8 hours. The active tanning ingredient is DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), a sugar based derivative that reacts with the keratin proteins in the surface (dead) layers of your skin, producing a beautiful bronzed glow. Studies have proven Liquid Sun to hold anti-inflammatory properties so it's great for sensitive skin types too!
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Beauty & Beyond Day Spa is soothing day spa in Thornbury. Centrally located in the heart of Melbourne’s north, Beauty & Beyond Day Spa is your portal to amazing beauty treatments. As soon as you enter, you will be looked after by a professional passionate about all things beauty and guided to your treatment room where your exclusive service will take place. Beauty & Beyond Day Spa offers spa packages ranging from the Body Contouring Infusion to the Pampering Dead Sea Experience and Citrus Spa Detox. You can also opt for single treatments like the restorative back treatment, ingrown hair exfoliation, or crystal body polish, as well as facials, brow and lash tints, eyelash extensions, makeup, massage, waxing, tanning, manicures and pedicures. Beauty & Beyond Day Spa is your ultimate beauty experience. Book in today for out of this world service and a refreshed and happy body.

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Beauty & Beyond Day Spa

657 High Street, Thornbury
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9:00am - 7:00pm
9:00am - 7:00pm
9:00am - 7:00pm
9:00am - 7:00pm
9:00am - 7:00pm
Beauty & Beyond Day Spa is soothing day spa in Thornbury. Centrally located in the heart of Melbourne’s north, Beauty & Beyond Day Spa is your portal to amazing beauty treatments. As soon as you enter, you will be looked after by a professional passionate about all things beauty and guided to your treatment room where your exclusive service will take place. Beauty & Beyond Day Spa offers spa packages ranging from the Body Contouring Infusion to the Pampering Dead Sea Experience and Citrus Spa Detox. You can also opt for single treatments like the restorative back treatment, ingrown hair exfoliation, or crystal body polish, as well as facials, brow and lash tints, eyelash extensions, makeup, massage, waxing, tanning, manicures and pedicures. Beauty & Beyond Day Spa is your ultimate beauty experience. Book in today for out of this world service and a refreshed and happy body.
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