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Massage on the Mornington Peninsula

If you frequent the Mornington Peninsular, then you’ll know it’s a playground of orchards, wineries and places to eat. It’s also the place to kick back, chill out and take it easy. So what better way to obey the rules of such a relaxing place, than by having a luxurious massage?

A massage is relaxing, it’s pampering, and it's seriously good for your wellbeing. And that's without even taking into account what it can do for tired muscles, aching backs and sore shoulders. Choose the gentlest and most relaxing of serene aromatherapy massages, or go for a full on deep tissue massage. A deep tissue massage is ideal if you have recurrent aches and pains or sports injuries.

If you’re looking for some serious relaxation, go for a hot stone massage. Performed with or without oils, a hot stone massage will relax as well as ease out niggly aches in your muscles. You could also try a shiatsu massage. This kind of massage originates from Japan and involves applying gentle pressure to very exact points in the body to heal, relax, and balance energy.

Thai massage is a different type of massage altogether. You’ll remain dressed throughout as your skilled therapist moves your body gently into yoga positions. You’ll also experience gentle acupressure massage in specific places. Your body will feel more supple and you’ll feel amazing!

For the hardcore among us, a sports massage will leave you feeling looser and free from the pain of sports related injuries. Your therapist will use deep, fast movements to really get into those muscles. It’s also preventative - the less stiff your muscles and joints, the less likely you are to injure yourself. See it as insurance for future sporting events.

Choose the best massage to suit you, and then treat yourself by booking in with one of our Mornington Peninsula salons today. You’ll feel pampered and special and totally ready for lunch in a nearby fabulous eatery!