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Top Cupping venues in Mornington Peninsula

  1. Active HealingActive Healing

    Active Healing

    26 Hull Road, Mount Martha 3934
    Active Healing is a truly healing place, using techniques such as craniosacral therapy, ear candling, Chinese medicine, cupping and trigger point therapy.

Cupping in Mornington Peninsula

There's no getting away from the fact that Mornington Peninsula locals are a healthy mob. From your natural hot water springs, to the many complementary medicine practitioners, this is the perfect location to de-stress.

And then there's the many thousands of visitors who flock here all year round, to experience the Peninsula's beautiful beaches, flora and fauna, health spas and, of course, wineries.

Cupping Therapy

No surprise then that cupping therapy is available here. If you haven't tried it yet, why not browse through the BookWell directory and give it a go?

Cupping is just brilliant for treating a whole range of ailments from sore muscles and arthritis to insomnia, anxiety, depression, digestive problems and more. It achieves this in two ways. Firstly, it physically treats problems, by working sore muscles and boosting the flow of healthy, oxygen-rich blood. It's a bit like a deep tissue massage.

CTackling the Real Problem

This is how it works. If you visit a traditional cupping therapist, they will use a warmed cup on your skin, usually made of glass, to create a vacuum. This stimulates blood flow and draws impurities away from the troubled area. Some cupping therapists use a suction gun to achieve the same results. On a deeper level, cupping can be used to treat emotional and mental problems, by correcting our energy flow.

Correcting Your Chi

In ancient Chinese healing, it is important to treat your Chi. Also known as Ki, Qi and Prana, Chi is our life force energy. Remember, everything is made up of electromagnetic vibrations, so this makes perfect sense.

When your Chi is out of whack, your body responds with a whole heap of trouble, from headaches and aching joints to insomnia and depression.

Life can be pretty stressful these days, and we all seem to be in a rush. So no wonder our Chi is having a hard time. Thankfully, alternative treatments, such as cupping on the Mornington Peninsula, can make a real difference to our physical and mental health.