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Eyebrow Tint Mornington Peninsula

Elevate your brows from barely there to brow wow. This is not a drill. An eyebrow tint can help you to fill in thin brows, match a new hair colour or change your shape. The best part? You really would have woken up like that.

Whether it’s a spa day with your favorite ladies or a romantic dinner with your significant other, you will be ready to go. Shave minutes off your morning routine and book an appointment with one of our eyebrow technicians in the Mornington Peninsula.

How does it work?

Your technician will help you decide on a brow that best suits your complexion, hair colour and face shape. A good eyebrow shape can open up your face and make it appear more symmetrical. A fuller brow can give you a more youthful appearance. An instant make over.

They will tweeze your eyebrows into your desired shape. We recommend putting those tweezers down for at least two weeks before your appointment. This will give your technician more room (or brow) to work with.

Then, tint will be applied to your brows and the fine hairs on the perimeter. Tinting is good because it can help you highlight any fine hairs you have to give you the shape you never knew you had.

Make them last

The tint should last for two weeks, and then it will slowly fade. You want to keep them as dry as possible. If you are active and sweat a lot, you may find that you will have to touch up faster. Avoid oil base make up removers because this can cause the tint to fade.

You will want to touch up every two to four weeks. (Your brows will just look that good) In between appointments, refrain from tweezing. This will help you to maintain your shape.

Do yourself a favour: book an eyebrow tint with one of our technicians in Melbourne and wake up every morning with brows on fleek