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Who'd have thought fingernails would become such a fashion statement. Not that it's a new idea. Those super-trendy Egyptians were rocking the look way back when.

In fact, in ancient Egypt, your nail polish colour indicated your social status, with red the colour of royalty. And Cleopatra wore the most striking crimson of all.

Fake It

Red is still a popular nail colour and there are a million different shades to choose from nowadays. According to colour psychology, red nails are the ultimate glamour statement. Daring, dramatic and bold, red is the colour of the diva.

The great thing about nail salons and manicures in Mornington Peninsula, is that you don't even have to grow your own nails to achieve this sexy look.

Thanks to nail extensions, acrylics and gels - not to mention the very latest Signature Nail System (SNS) - you can have the longest, shiniest claws in the business.

Colour Psychology

Acrylics are so easy, and the results are fabulous. The clever mix of powdered polymer and liquid monomer creates a strength and shine that's hard to beat.

An SNS manicure is similar, but doesn't involve the use of a UV lamp. The finish is amazing; super shiny, strong and really natural looking. If you haven't tried it yet, you really should.

Now, back to that colour psychology; if red is a bit too bold for you, there are some more totally on-trend hues to try.

50 Shades of Grey

  • Grayscale - It may not sound super sexy but it's one of the top looks around. Two-toned in black and pewter, these nails say tough and cool.
  • Moody Metallics - Whether you go gold, silver, or bronze, metallics never go out of fashion. Ensure they are high shine for the best results.
  • New Neutrals - Do you think soft pink when someone says neutral? The New Neutrals are anything but. Pure white is the hottest and it looks amazing.