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1301 Nepean Highway
Cheltenham 3192

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  1. Physiotherapy

    Skill sets and qualifications include; the treatment of spinal and peripheral joint injuries, muscle tears and strains, women's health, neurological conditions, post surgical rehabilitation, strength training programs, age related conditions, joint mobilisation, deep tissue massage, electrotherapy, dry needling, taping techniques and return to sport management.

    0.00 30 min


  1. Myotherapy

    Myotherapists take a hands-on approach to the treatment of muscular dysfunction. Utilising methods such as deep tissue massage, dry needling, cupping and fascial stretching. Myotherapists assuage muscular pain by targeting its causal source.

    0.00 1 hr 30 min


  1. Pilates (Group)

    Our classes have a maximum of 4 participants, all completing their own set of exercises closely supervised by the physiotherapist. Our Group physio classes may use a range of exercises from the Mat work, Reformer and Trapeze Table repertoire.

    0.00 1 hr


  1. Hydrotherapy

    Classes are suitable for various conditions, including back pain, musculoskeletal injuries, rehabilitation from surgery, osteoarthritis and general fitness.

    0.00 1 hr


  1. Massage

    Myotherapists treat muscular dysfunction.

    0.00 1 hr 30 min

Pregnancy Massage

  1. Pregnancy Massage

    Lower back and postural concerns can seem inescapable during a pregnancy term. To optimise comfort during the massage we use a specifically designed cushion to support the womb, enabling both an efficient therapist and relaxed patient.

    0.00 1 hr

Foot Treatments

  1. Podiatry

    Our Base Podiatry team of Mark Millerd, Dr Matthew Cotchett and Michael Wintle are experienced at treating all things foot, from corns and ingrowing toenails, to foot posture and function.

    0.00 1 hr

Opening Hours

Monday8 AM6:30 PM
Tuesday8 AM6:30 PM
Wednesday9 AM5 PM
Thursday8 AM6:30 PM
Friday8 AM6:30 PM
Saturday8 AM12 PM


With over twenty-five years’ serving the local community, CPC Health is Cheltenham’s go-to for high-quality physiotherapy care. The Bayside clinic has a distinguished reputation for its commitment to client satisfaction and mission to improve the lives of others through tailored musculoskeletal care.

CPC Health is a regular feature at local sporting clubs and serving the community in general through its tailored allied health programs. Each of its staff members are highly qualified and experienced in the management of elite athletes and general population clients. The clinic offers physiotherapy, myotherapy, Pilates, hydrotherapy, massage, pregnancy massage, and podiatry to provide an overall picture of your health and wellbeing.

Health requires a holistic approach. Book in today at CPC Health and develop a program that will have you living your best life.

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