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Alternative Therapy

  1. Hearing Check-Up

    30 min

    Hearing check up is a basic test of hearing levels which indicates whether or not there is any hearing loss.

  2. Full Hearing Assessment

    30 min

    Hearing is a complex process and to assess it comprehensively, our audiologist uses a battery of tests to diagnose any possible hearing problems. You do not need a medical referral for a hearing assessment.

  3. Hearing Aid Trial

    30 min

    If you are ready to move forward with Hearing Aids but aren’t sure how much you will get out of them, AudioHearing Melbourne can help you to make a right decision by offering you a 4-week hearing aid trial.

  4. Fitting + Fine-Tuning

    30 min

    After the evaluation of your hearing, explaining the results and selection of the hearing aids, our audiologist will program the hearing aids by taking some factors into account such as: your hearing loss, your age, your lifestyle and your needs. We do not program the hearing aids only based on the audiogram. Our audiologist also evaluates and optimises the acoustic performance of the aids by doing some objective tests.

  5. Wax Removal

    30 min

    We have the training and equipment to remove a wax build-up using a probe, as long as it is not too deep in your ear canal. A build-up of wax can affect your hearing. It can cause reduced hearing aid performance; feedback (whistle) from your hearing aid; and damage to your hearing aid.

  6. Evaluation of Current Aids

    30 min

    For any existing hearing aid users we offer services to inspect, fine tune and deep clean your current hearing instruments (all makes and models). Minor repairs can be done on the premises while you wait; however, major repairs may need to be sent to the manufacturer. There may be a small charge depending on what needs to be done, we are happy to discuss your hearing needs just call 9820 3440 today!

  7. Hearing Aids Repair

    30 min

    Most hearing aids can be repaired in house, minimising the time you need to be without your aids. Major repairs need to be sent out to the manufacturer, a process which can take a few days or more depending on the nature of the repair.


Opening Hours

Monday9 AM6 PM
Tuesday9 AM6 PM
Wednesday9 AM8 PM
Thursday9 AM6 PM
Friday9 AM6 PM
Saturday10 AM5 PM


AudioHearing Melbourne are fully committed to helping you find the best possible hearing solution for your lifestyle. Under director Alex Dadafarin, the team at AudioHearing are dedicated to helping people manage hearing loss through quality assessment, consultation and the fitting of state-of-the-art hearing aids. With seven locations across Melbourne, each with an environment to make you feel at ease, they are renowned for offering the best advice to help you make the right decision about your hearing. They consider your budget and lifestyle to find an apt solution for you. Do something for your hearing today. Book an appointment with AudioHearing Melbourne.

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