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Mollyfuns Nail Art

Level 1, 241- 245 Lonsdale street Melbourne CBD 3000
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45% off selected services (until 31/08)
  • Removal - False Nails 卸甲

    30 min

    Remove nail colours and designs.
    $25 extra for after care manicure/pedicure service.

    ***Due to some difficulty issues, we may charge extra if your have really long nails or with a lot of accessories that may take more time to remove especially done by other salons. We will notice you before we start to make sure you are agree to continue with the extra time incurred and surcharging.


  • Nailart Time Package A 设计任做套餐A

    1 hr 30 min

    Have you got a set of design that you wish to do? This is the package that you need to choose if you would like to bring your own design or simply ask our nail artist to design for you.
    Service will be provided by Nail Artist.
    You can choose whatever design you want to be done within 1hr and 30 mins.
    You can also choose the package based on your time schedules or expenses budget.
    This package is including either Manicure or Dry Pedicure, if you wish to get both of your hands and toes done, please select 2 packages.
    This package is including preparation, nailart, stickers, jewels and accessories.
    This package is NOT including characters drawing, 3D handmade nailart, removal and extension nails.
    If you are not sure about which package should you choose, you can ask our staff via IG Inbox.



    为了更好的服务每一位顾客,避免后续顾客等待,我们对Master技师项目有严格的退改政策。Master项目24小时内取消或变更,会严重影响您的赴约率,在您下次预约时,有可能会被收取额外违约金或被限制仅限WALK IN服务。临时1小时内取消或变更或NO SHOW,将被直接限制仅限WALK IN服务,感谢您的谅解。

  • Gel Polish Color mani/ Pedi with complimentary 2 fingers nailart甲油胶单色附赠2指设计

    1 hr

    please check on our IG for the designs those are available for you to choose from. You are not allow to bring your own designs for this service.
    Please choose from our art samples.
    Our art samples are updated fortnightly on IG.
    The nailart is complimentary, however if you don’t want to have them and just get the basic color, the price will be remaining the same.
    Extra nailart will be charged at $10 per nail.
    This service is including single color with manicure or dry pedicure. Surcharge may be applied with multi-colors request.
    If you want to get both done, please select 2 services.
    This service is not including removal and extension nails.

    We will apply a layer of coating gel to stronger your nails.

    We recommend you to get your nail changed regularly every 3 weeks to keep them in the best condition. no refill for this service.

  • Cateye Gel/ 猫眼胶

    1 hr

    Special gels with art finishing like galaxy. lasts for 3-5 weeks. We have more than 150 styles for you to choose from. We suggest that you arrive 15 mins early for your appointment so that you can take your time to make your selection.

    This service includes either manicure or dry pedicure service.


  • Exclusive GelTip Extension 独家延长甲

    1 hr

    In Mollyfuns only! Make your extension last longer. Can be reused with refill service.
    More durable than Acrylics and suitable for damaging nails and weak nails.
    This service is extension nails only and cannot be selected independently or your booking will not be accepted.
    No removal, color or nailart is included in this service. Please choose an nailart package with this service if you need to get your nails extended or you can choose our single color and extension nail package in Manicure and Pedicure category.

    本店唯一使用的延长甲手法,店铺原创,Geltip为树脂胶甲片,全部结合过程无胶水非常持久,不易断裂,好评度极高。可多次反复使用,逐渐塑造完美甲型。 是非常经济实惠的延长甲哦