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Perms in the Mornington Peninsula

Are you ready to make some waves? The modern perm is super flattering, and is more beach babe than Flashdance fuzz. Shave minutes off your morning routine by adding instant texture and volume to your hair. In between the Hot Springs and coastal dining selections, make an appointment with one of our hair salons in the Mornington Peninsula.

Talk to one of our stylists about what perm would best suit your face shape and face type. Here are few of our favorite curls:

  • The Body Wave Perm - This perm adds volume, body and gives your hair a subtly waved texture. Using larger rods than other perm styles, your waves will be loose and natural looking. This is perfect for thin, limp hair or if you want to define your curls. The looser curls mean that this perm may not last as long as other styles.
  • Spiral Perm - Think AnnaLynn McCord or Taylor Swift in her Love Story era. This is a tighter cur, and is perfect for girls with naturally curly hair, who want to add definition and shine. This is achieved using specific perm rods to create a distinctive spiral look. Even when the curls relax, your hair will remain curly.
  • Loose Curl Perm - Blake Lively has been pioneering this look for years. This is similar to a body wave perm but is better suited for girls with thicker hair. If you have tightly curled hair, the loose curl perm can help you relax your hair to create smooth, sleek and loose curls.
  • Multi-Textured Perm - Get tousled beach waves, just like Gisele with a multi-textured perm. This uses different sizes of curls to create voluminous, perfectly tousled locks. It is also a very versatile look, and you can change it up with different hair parts and pony tail heights.
  • Spot Perm - This perm targets specific areas of your hair. Try it on the middle or ends of your hair for a natural look. You can even spot perm your roots to pump some volume into your look.

Ready to give them a whirl? Make an appointment with one of our hair salons in the Mornington Peninsula today.