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20 Ormond Road
Elwood 3184

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  1. Chiropractic

    1 hr

    Your nervous system plays a vital role in regulating your body’s health. It co-ordinates millions of messages which allows your brain and body to function. Your spine then protects the key parts of your nervous system. Everyday activities may cause stress and misalignments to build up in your spine and then impact the nerve system. Chemical and emotional stresses may also interfere with nerve pathways and may in turn affect your overall wellbeing. Chiropractic is the science of locating the areas of spine and nervous system interference. Techniques, known as adjustments, are gently applied to correct these area and return the balance to your spine and nervous system. Reduced pressure on your nervous system enable your body to function more efficiently, removing stresses, enhancing health sometimes even where problems may be silently developing.


Diet & Nutrition

  1. Nutrition

    1 hr

    We take a holistic, individualised approach to healthcare that combines the science and power of food with the body’s own healing abilities to promote a balanced metabolism and help you achieve your optimum health and wellbeing. Through dietary and nutritional analysis, assessment of lifestyle and environmental stressors and their impact on health, we aim to identify the underlying cause of your issues and provide you with sustainable health and wellness options and advice. When appropriate, we work integratively with a naturopathic clinic, Chinese medicine clinic and holistic GP to obtain the best overall outcome for our clients.


Opening Hours

Monday7 AM6:15 PM
Tuesday7 AM6:15 PM
Wednesday7 AM6:15 PM
Thursday7 AM6:15 PM
Friday7 AM6:15 PM
Saturday8 AM12 PM


Don’t let life get away from you, choose Sipser Family Chiropractic in Elwood and see the difference a healthy body makes. Sipser Family Chiropractic want to help you heal and stay fit and healthy by empowering you to eat, exercise, and be mindful. The experienced chiropractors are committed to delivering safe and gentle chiropractic care along with personalised advice so that you can live your best and most fulfilling life. Combined with other allied health services, Sipser Family Chiropractic are here to support your journey to wellness. Services include chiropractics, myotherapy, remedial massage, and nutritional consulting. Restore your inner awesome and book in today with Sisper Family Chiropractic.

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