Lash Out Beauty

Level 4 / 30 Pitt Street (Sydney Harbour Marriott)
Sydney CBD 2000

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0417 482 775

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Eyelash Extensions

  1. Lash Out Correction Treatment

    Developed by Lash Out Beauty and designed to repair incorrect eyelash application. Professional consultation, removal and re-application of Eyelash Extensions.

    0.00 30 min
  2. Eyelash Extension - Standard (Full Set)

    Eyelash extensions are applied to create a natural and effective look.

    280.00 1 hr 30 min
  3. Eyelash Extension - Definition (Full Set)

    Eyelash extensions definition for a low maintenance application to shape eyes.

    180.00 1 hr
  4. Eyelash Extension - Premium (Full Set)

    Eyelash Extensions for the ultimate in design and volume application.

    380.00 2 hrs
  5. Lower Eyelash Application

    Eyelash extensions highlighting lower lashes.

    0.00 1 hr

Eyelash Treatments

  1. Eyelash Curling Treatment

    Eyelash lift and perm including eyelash tint.

    140.00 1 hr
  2. Eyelash Tinting

    Perfect if you want darker eyelashes to define your eyes and create longer looking lashes.

    35.00 30 min
  3. Regular Maintenance

    Maintenance of Eyelash Extensions recommended every 3-4 weeks.

    130.00 1 hr
  4. Express Maintenance

    Recommended for when you are short on time and need a quick top up in between regular maintenance appointments.

    70.00 30 min
  5. Eyelash Extension Removal

    Professional removal of ill applied lashes using a safe and hygienic technique.

    45.00 30 min

Eyebrow Treatments

  1. Defining Brows

    Eyebrow Reshape ,trim and colour match.

    60.00 30 min
  2. Eyebrow Waxing

    Maintenance and shape improvement recommended every 3 to 4 weeks.

    35.00 15 min
  3. Eyebrow Tinting

    Highlight and subtle colour change.

    25.00 15 min

Opening Hours

Monday9 AM6 PM
Tuesday9 AM6 PM
Wednesday9 AM6 PM
Thursday9 AM8 PM
Friday9 AM6 PM
Saturday9 AM3 PM


Lash Out Beauty, located on Pitt Street in Sydney Harbour Marriott, is a haven for those who want gorgeous eyelashes to express themselves fully. The skilled team at Lash Out Beauty take pride in being masters of their craft for more than 20 years now, and they recognise that eyelash extensions are an art form. If you want to highlight your eyes through impeccable curls, length and thickness that will have people complimenting you on your beautiful eyes all day long, do yourself a favour and book yourself in for a life-changing appointment with the seasoned professionals at Lash Out Beauty now.

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