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417 Toorak Road
Toorak 3142

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  1. Far Infrared Sauna

    45 min

    Beneficial in reducing muscle spasms, joint stiffness and general aches and pains due to conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Removal of toxins. Induces sweating, facilitates weight loss. Reduces inflammation and increases the body’s immune system.


Diet & Nutrition

  1. Weight and Nutrition Consultation

    30 minPopular

    Weight management plans comprehensive for eating and exercise, slimming system and coaching not a diet. New eating plans. Nutrition advice will assist to balance hormones, improve digestive disorders, improve mental clarity and energy levels, provide hay fever relief and improve skin tone and clarity.



  1. Stress Management Consultation

    1 hr

    7 Simple Systems to Sink Sudden Stress. Christine will share and coach individual to the best new techniques for them to overcome stressful situations and conditions. Practical techniques and mindfulness methods and new simple habits that can be easily incorporated will be taught. Each client has different situations the coaching will be tailored to suit each person. There are many testimonials to this to view.

  2. Life Coaching

    1 hr

    Life has its phases and challenges. Lear some simple self help techniques that will help you through nay challenge.
    Christine has coached dozens of people to see life differently and move to a new confident and happy place.

  3. Wellness Coaching

    1 hr

    The way you think affect the way you look. Christine coaches simple effective ways to change your thinking to youthful.

    Wellbeing - Balanced Hormones - More Energy - Digestive Disorders - Mental Clarity -Relief from Hay Fever - Improved Skin & Much More.

    Christine recommends a simple regime using a liquid organic whole food that has proven over nearly two decades to assist people to much greater wellbeing. She will coach and support you to move to a new place of better health you may not have known was possible.

  4. Personal/Business Mentoring and Coaching

    1 hr

    As an Industrial Engineer for over 30 years in many countries Christine has studied many types of businesses and coached and mentored the owners to more efficient and effective operations in all areas. By adding her life and stress management coaching skills many many businesses have become simpler and easier to manage and be successful. There are many testimonials to this effect.



  1. Learn and Practice Meditation

    1 hr

    Learn several, simple techniques to find one that suits you best. Then practice individually and in groups until you are comfortable and confident.


Opening Hours

Monday9:30 AM4 PM
Tuesday9:30 AM4 PM
Wednesday9:30 AM3 PM
Thursday9:30 AM5 PM
Friday9:30 AM5 PM


Sometimes, we need a little inspiration, a new direction in life. So for that reason, the trained staff at Inspiring Directions in Toorak are waiting to make you feel your best.

Experts in weight management, life coaching and stress management, let Inspiring Directions gently guide you to the new, empowered version of you. The friendly staff will mentor you in your personal or work life, help re-set your clock and get you the perfect balance you crave from life.

Their simple slimming programme can also send you on your path to your weight goals with healthy advice and encouragement.

Take the first step in your new, inspired direction by scheduling in your first appointment this week.

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