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Suite 33 / 79 Manningham Road
Bulleen 3105

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  1. Chiropractic - Initial Consultation

    1 hr
  2. Chiropractic - Standard Consultation

    1 hr
  3. Pregnancy Chiropractic

    1 hr

    May ay help expecting mothers to get relief of back, neck, and joint pain during pregnancy. We have had over three decades of providing chiropractic care for many back related issues including for pregnant women. We use specific, gentle treatments that take into account the existing stage of pregnancy. Gentle muscular massage on muscles may increase blood flow, decrease spasm, and and relieve aching back or neck issues.

  4. Family Chiropractic

    1 hr

    Our family chiropractic services comprise of assessing your spine, feet and posture. We may use X-rays and other diagnostic equipment to assess the cause of the pain, which further helps us in planning pain management and treatment.

  5. Sports Chiropractic

    1 hr

    A major issue with ongoing problems with aching feet and lower limb issues may be related to poor weight bearing. Eventually, this may cause ankle, knee, hip, lower back and/or neck pain. Our examination process involves a muscular/skeletal and weight-bearing assessment. our aim is to detect any possible ongoing causes of pain/ache issues that may, for instance, be impacting sporting performance. As a Chiropractor, we provide evaluation and treatment for all members of your family including juniors, adolescents, adults and elderly people.


Opening Hours

Monday5 AM9 PM
Tuesday5 AM9 PM
Wednesday5 AM9 PM
Thursday5 AM9 PM
Friday5 AM9 PM
Saturday5 AM9 PM
Sunday5 AM9 PM


Get the answer to your back pain at Solutions Chiropractic in Bulleen. A professional and long-established clinic, Solutions Chiropractic prides itself on offering proven chiropractic services which help resolve acute and chronic muscular pain and aches as well as a host of other conditions from migraines to reproductive health. You will receive a personalised treatment from a licenced and registered chiropractor that targets the source of the pain. The private treatment rooms and modern facilities will enable you to feel at ease while receiving your treatment. Solutions Chiropractic offers both initial and standard consultations as well as specialised consultations for pregnancy, family, and sports-focused services. Whether you’re an athlete or a mum-to-be, book in at Solutions Chiropractic for smart treatments that get you back on track.

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