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  1. Sports Physiotherapy

    Our team of Sports Physiotherapists works closely with our practice manager, the renowned Ann Wu, to provide specialised care in both injury management and prevention. For an impressive sixteen years, Ann has worked closely with all levels of AFL. She brings a wealth of knowledge and guidance to the team having furthered her expertise as the head physiotherapist of the Chinese women's national basketball team and in various integral positions of Tennis Australia and the Australian Institute of sport. Your treatment plan will be developed from a base of expert knowledge and skills in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sporting injuries. Expertise in movement analysis and exercise prescription will fine tune your program to ensure you reach your projected outcomes as quickly and safely as possible. Whether you are a recreational athlete or elite athlete, our Sports Physiotherapists treat sports people of all ages and abilities, as teams or individuals.

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  2. Real-time Ultrasound Image

    Real-time ultrasound imaging, in conjunction with physiotherapy techniques, facilitates recovery and aids in the prevention of many musculoskeletal conditions of the back, pelvis and hips. The technology is used to assess the function and monitor the retraining and strengthening of the core stabilizing muscles, including the pelvic floor musculature, transversus abdominus and multifidus. Functional core stability is essential in our daily activities. It allows us to maintain an upright posture and fix our trunk in position so we can move our limbs with accuracy and strength. Without sufficient strength and endurance in our core stabilizing muscles, our body is vulnerable to injury, and this can also lead to back pain, poor posture and lethargy.

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  1. Soft Tissue Therapy

    Massage is the most fundamental of all healing techniques. When we injure ourselves, we automatically rub the injured area. It’s a natural reaction. Massage encourages healing by promoting the flow of blood and lymph fluid to the region, which in turn rids the body tissues of waste products. Other benefits of massage include relief of muscle tension, stimulation of the nervous system and stress reduction. Both myotherapy and sports & remedial massage involve the physical treatment of the soft tissue structures of the body, to aid rehabilitation and improve performance. The aim of myotherapy and sports & remedial massage is to restore and maintain the normal integrity of the bodies soft tissue structures i.e. muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. These structures can all be affected by everyday exercise, poor posture, pain, biomechanics, medical and structural conditions, occupation, fatigue, stress, injury and overtraining.

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Diet & Nutrition

  1. Dietetics

    Dietitians are experts in expert nutrition advice for people of all ages. In addition to qualifications in nutrition science, dietitians have completed extensive clinical placement which allow them to work across private practice, hospitals and community centers.

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Rebound Sports Physiotherapy offers top rate rehabilitative and preventative therapy in Abbotsford. The Practice Manager, Ann Wu, leads a team of experts experienced in all aspects of sports injury management and general conditioning. Ann has worked with the AIS, Tennis Australia, and recently as head physiotherapist for the Chinese National Women's Basketball Team. This expertise translates to outstanding service for the practice's clients. Rebound Sports Physiotherapy specialises in sporting injuries and their expertise and experience is reflected in your targeted treatment plan. Whether you are a recreational athlete or play at an elite or professional level, Rebound Sports physiotherapists treat all individuals, regardless of age or ability. The practice also offers myotherapy and nutritional services for a holistic approach to health. Contact Rebound today for an appointment and learn how their practitioners can get you performing at your best.

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