Heidelberg Natural Health Care

90 Hawdon Street
Heidelberg 3084

Phone bookings only:

0409 925 525

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  1. Homeopathy

    1 hr


  1. Naturopathy

    1 hr

Bowen Therapy

  1. Bowen Therapy

    1 hr

Sciatica Massage

  1. Sciatica Massage

    1 hr

Opening Hours

Monday10 AM6 PM
Tuesday10 AM6 PM
Wednesday10 AM6 PM
Thursday10 AM6 PM
Friday10 AM6 PM
Saturday10 AM6 PM


Heidelberg Natural Health Care is an alternative therapy provider in Heidelberg. With almost thirty years’ experience, Rob at Heidelberg Natural Health Care has become the local go-to for naturopathy and homeopathy in Melbourne’s northeast. Natural therapies offer complementary benefits to a range of conditions including headache and migraine, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, infertility, and skin conditions. Depending on your needs, you can choose from homeopathy, naturopathy, Bowen therapy, or specialised sciatica massage to address your particular concerns. With Rob’s experience, you can be sure that there is a treatment to help you recover. Book in today and rebalance your mind, body, and spirit naturally at Heidelberg Natural Health Care.

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