Hawthorn Physiotherapy Clinic

1 Launder Street
Hawthorn 3122

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(03) 9819 2827

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  1. Physiotherapy

    All our physiotherapists are highly trained and experienced in dealing with acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain. We use a combination of manual therapy, exercise therapy and electrotherapy to ensure you make a quick and complete recovery. If we are unable to help you, we will endeavour to refer you to a suitable specialist.

    0.00 30 min
  2. Physiotherapy Screening

    Our physiotherapists are able to provide screening in relation to specific sports. A screen includes a series of sports specific tests done by a physiotherapist from which a list of deficiencies are made. Based on these deficiencies, an exercise program is devised to address them before they contribute to an injury that may cause time in season to be missed.

    0.00 30 min
  3. Sports Therapy and Return to Sport Testing

    The most important aspect of returning to sport quickly after injury is to have a plan of re-introduction to training and appropriate time to start playing again. Our physiotherapists are able to devise a progression of exercises and drills for training, and estimate accurate targets for when it is safe and sensible to return to sport.

    0.00 30 min
  4. Rehabilitation

    Have you had an Arthroscope, Reconstruction or Replacement? Hawthorn Physiotherapy Clinic provides a friendly atmosphere for you to rehabilitate in. Your rehabilitation will be supervised by an experienced physio in our airconditioned gym and will coincide with others who have had the same or similar operations, giving you extra support and motivation.

    0.00 30 min
  5. Prehabilitation

    Prehabilitation is an exercise program undertaken prior to surgery.

    0.00 30 min

Remedial Massage

  1. Remedial Massage

    Hawthorn Physiotherapy Clinic also offers remedial and sports massage therapy to complement your physiotherapy treatment. Charles is a member of the Australian Massage Therapy Association and can provide remedial or sports massages. Massages are available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Treatments may be covered by your health care fund.

    0.00 30 min


  1. Clinical Pilates

    Pilates is a very popular exercise regime for strength, balance, stability and treatment of spinal conditions. Our fully qualified physiotherapists will book an initial session to assess your needs and tailor a program for you. This can then be followed with one on one or one on two sessions at a reduced rate, or you may join one of our small group sessions.

    0.00 1 hr

Opening Hours

Monday7:30 AM7:30 PM
Tuesday7:30 AM7:30 PM
Wednesday7:30 AM7:30 PM
Thursday7:30 AM7:30 PM
Friday7:30 AM7:30 PM
Saturday8 AM12 PM


Hawthorn Physiotherapy is a physiotherapy clinic in Hawthorn. This local institution has been providing professional physiotherapy services to the broader Melbourne east community since 1974. With a reputation for excellence and high attention to patient care, Hawthorn Physiotherapy has evolved to be one of Melbourne’s premium providers of rehab and prehab services. The friendly team will treat your pain, but also help stop it from occurring via a range of holistic services to repair and strengthen the musculoskeletal system. Hawthorn Physiotherapy offers Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates, Remedial Massage, and Myotherapy to help get your body back to its best – and keep it there. Book in today and prioritise your health at Hawthorn Physiotherapy.

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