Balwyn Sports & Physiotherapy Centre

467 Whitehorse Road
Balwyn 3103

Phone bookings only:

(03) 9836 7000

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  1. Physiotherapy Initial Consultation with Andew Wynd

    140.00 30 min
  2. Physiotherapy Review Consultation with Andew Wynd

    280.00 1 hr
  3. Physiotherapy Initial Consultation with Jason Holden

    118.00 30 min
  4. Physiotherapy Review Consultation with Jason Holden

    123.00 45 min
  5. Physiotherapy Initial Consultation with Nick Rees

    118.00 30 min
  6. Physiotherapy Review Consultation with Nick Rees

    123.00 45 min
  7. Physiotherapy Initial Consultation with Alex Mackenzie

    118.00 30 min
  8. Physiotherapy Review Consultation with Alex Mackenzie

    123.00 45 min
  9. Physiotherapy Initial Consultation with Nicholas Gray

    108.00 30 min
  10. Physiotherapy Review Consultation with Nicholas Gray

    113.00 45 min
  11. Physiotherapy Initial Consultation with Monica Nguyen

    108.00 30 min
  12. Physiotherapy Review Consultation with Monica Nguyen

    113.00 45 min
  13. Physiotherapy Initial Consultation with Melanie Jamali

    108.00 30 min
  14. Physiotherapy Review Consultation with Melanie Jamali

    113.00 45 min


  1. Massage with Matt Natoli

    120.00 1 hr
  2. Massage with Diana Gaze

    100.00 45 min
  3. Massage with Luke Apollino

    85.00 30 min

Foot Treatments

  1. Podiatry Initial Consultation with Tom Davey

    93.00 30 min
  2. Podiatry Review Consultation with Tom Davey

    115.00 45 min

Opening Hours

Monday8 AM7 PM
Tuesday8 AM7 PM
Wednesday8 AM7 PM
Thursday8 AM7 PM
Friday8 AM5 PM
Saturday8 AM12 PM


Balwyn Sports & Physiology is a professional physiotherapy and allied health clinic in Balywn. Centrally located on Whitehorse Road, the team of highly skilled therapists are waiting for your call to get you and your body back on track. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or elite athlete, you will be given attentive and quality service to correctly identify the source of the complaint and construct a treatment plan to resolve the pain. Balwyn Sports and Physiology offers physiotherapy consultations, massage, and podiatry for all of your soft tissue and sporting injury needs. Book in today for quality service that empowers you to get back to your best safely and healthily.

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