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Top Thai Massage venues in Central Coast, NSW

Here is our pick for the top venues offering Thai Massage in Central Coast, NSW.

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  1. East Gosford Thai Massage
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    East Gosford Thai Massage

    Shop 2 / 29 Victoria Street, East Gosford 2250
    For a wide range of remedial and relaxation massages that will heal you of any aches and pains and restore your sense of calm, visit the experts at East Gosford Thai Massage on Victoria Street.
  2. Wyoming Thai Massage
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    Wyoming Thai Massage

    Shop 4 / 470 Pacific Highway, Wyoming 2250
    Treat yourself to a revitalizing massage at Wyoming Thai Massage on Pacific Highway NSW today and regain your sense of balance, tranquillity and calm.
  3. Creative Balance Avoca Beach - Massage Therapy - Louise Deller

    Creative Balance Avoca Beach - Massage Therapy - Louise Deller

    19 Ridgway Rd, Avoca Beach 2251
  4. Lilawadi Thai Massage Gosford

    Lilawadi Thai Massage Gosford

    56 York St, East Gosford 2250
  5. Nakha Traditional Thai Massage

    Nakha Traditional Thai Massage

    108 Pacific Hwy, Wyong 2259
  6. Lotus Thai massage

    Lotus Thai massage

    3 South St, Umina Beach 2257
  7. Le Bua Thai Massage

    Le Bua Thai Massage

    3 Mortimer Ln, Gosford 2250
  8. Sabai Sabai Thai Oil Massage

    Sabai Sabai Thai Oil Massage

    311 West St, Umina Beach 2257
  9. Banyan Thai Massage and Spa

    Banyan Thai Massage and Spa

    1/12A Kurrawyba Ave, Terrigal 2260
  10. The Entrance Thai Massage

    The Entrance Thai Massage

    2/91-95 The Entrance Rd, The Entrance 2261
  11. Gosford Siam Thai Massage

    Gosford Siam Thai Massage

    1 Suite 1/5 Baker St, Gosford 2250
  12. Gasalong Traditional Thai Massage, Sauna and Spa

    Gasalong Traditional Thai Massage, Sauna and Spa

    21 Charlton St, Woy Woy 2256
  13. Bella Thai Massage

    Bella Thai Massage

    4a/1A\ Campbell Cres, Terrigal 2260
  14. At Balance Kinesiology & Massage

    At Balance Kinesiology & Massage

    17 Omega Ave, Summerland Point 2259
  15. Central Coast Authentic Thai Massage by Orn

    Central Coast Authentic Thai Massage by Orn

    47 Albatross Rd, Berkeley Vale 2261
  16. Avoca Massage Therapy-Vicki Mcguiness

    Avoca Massage Therapy-Vicki Mcguiness

    82 Ridgway Rd, Avoca Beach 2251

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Questions & Answers

How much does a Thai massage cost?

Thai massages are $95 on average.

What is a Thai massage?

Thai massage is an invigorating style of massage that incorporates firm pressure and elements of stretching. It's one that will work out your kinks and lengthen the muscle.

When should I get a Thai massage?

If your body is calling out for some tension relief and stretching, you're well due for a Thai massage. This dynamic treatment is ideal for those who need something a little more dynamic.

What should I do after a Thai massage?

Definitely take it easy and drink plenty of water. It's best to rest right after a Thai massage because your muscles have been worked, giving them time to recoup is highly recommended.

How often should I get a Thai massage?

There is no strict guideline to how often you should get a Thai massage. However, you do need time between treatments to allow the body and muscle composition to recover. We say the more the merrier, really.

Do Thai massages hurt?

It's quite a deep, vigorous form of massage, so you will feel pressure and potentially moments of discomfort. Be sure to speak up if you're in pain, though.

How long do Thai massages usually go for?

People tend to spend about 75 minutes at their Thai massage appointments on average.

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