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Nourish Day Spa-Massage Mount Dandenong

Nourish Day Spa-Massage Mount Dandenong

31 Monash Ave, Olinda 3788
Eyebrow Extensions, Eyelash Extensions, Eyelash Tinting
    The Salon

    The Salon

    53B Main Rd, Monbulk 3793
    Eyebrow Extensions, Eyebrow Tinting, Eyelash Extensions, Eyelash Tinting, False Eyelashes
      Beauty In Sassafras

      Beauty In Sassafras

      Private Beauty Room, 26 Alice St, Sassafras 3787
      Eyebrow Extensions, Eyebrow Tinting, Eyelash Extensions, Eyelash Tinting

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        Questions & Answers

        How do eyelash extensions work?

        Your lash artist applies extensions one by one to create a dramatic or natural look, depending on your what you're after.

        Are eyelash extensions bad for your lashes?

        When applied in a salon, eyelash extensions do not ruin your lashes at all. That being said, you do need to avoid rubbing, tugging or pulling on your extensions to prevent lash damage.

        Why should I get eyelash extensions?

        Eyelash extensions are a great option for anyone who wants longer or fuller lashes perfectly suited to your eye shape and personal tastes.

        Which eyelash extensions should I get?

        There are mink, faux-mink, silk and synthetic extensions. Synthetic extensions are the most dramatic while silk lashes are the lightest.

        What should I do after I get eyelash extensions?

        It's really important to avoid contact with water for the first 48 hours to allow the glue to bond. Then, make sure to keep your lashes clean by using a lash extension-safe cleanser and avoiding mascara and oil-based skincare products. Don't worry, you can shower and play sport with lash extensions, but less water exposure is better to keep your lashes looking fab for longer.

        How often should I get eyelash extensions?

        Most lash extensions probably need to be replaced after a full growth cycle of natural lashes. This is six to eight weeks for most people, but refills can be done every two to four weeks to take the pressure off a full replacement.

        How much do eyelash extensions cost?

        Eyelash extensions cost $105 on average, but the price can vary depending on the type of lashes you want and the look you're after.

        How long do eyelash extension appointments usually last?

        Eyelash extension appointments are about 75 minutes long on average.