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Spray Tanning in Bunbury

No time for a vacation? Book yourself a round trip ticket for that gorgeous glow. We may not be able to help you out with that private island package that you deserve but we can help you look like that beach babe you were supposed to be. Make an appointment with one of our spray tan salons in Bunbury. They’ll have you feeling sun kissed and flawless in no time.

Aside from making you look like you live on a tropical island, spray tans can also even out your skin tone, camouflage stretch marks, cellulite and a variety of other sins. It can even give you the appearance of muscle definition. Abs weren’t made in the kitchen, they were made in the salon. Ask your spray tan artist for a contour tan.

If you are concerned that you may turn out a little more Sunkist than sun kissed, don’t. We have a few tips to help you out.

Arrive to your appointment clean and buffed. Make sure that any waxing or shaving prior to the spray tan application. Try to make sure that you have showered and exfoliated about eight hours before the application. This allows your skin to be at its best pH levels because harsh soaps can raise it. If your skin’s pH balance is high, your tan may be a little more unnatural, orange hue. Avoid heavy moisturizers on the day because this can lighten the self-tan.

Wear loose, dark clothes to your appointment. Any tight clothing such an errant bra strap can leave a strap line on your shoulder. If there are any tan lines, exfoliate until the color is even when you get home. To prolong your tan’s shelf life: use products that are oil-free. An oil-rich formula will make your tan slip right off.

Now you have a Giselle worthy glow that will last up to 10 days. You’re welcome.