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Face Treatments in Bunbury

Bunbury is an up and coming, beautiful seaside holiday destination and we have salons popping up all over the area. Our salons specialise in tailored facial treatments that will leave you glowing and feeling amazing.

An aromatherapy facial is a really special treat, and you deserve it. Whether you work hard, play hard or both, you’ll feel the benefits. Your therapist will take a look at your skin and decide which products will suit you best. You’ll then experience the most relaxing cleanse, exfoliation and facial massage ever. Your therapist will apply a deeply nourishing mask and then follow up with a moisturiser to give your skin a final boost. All the while, you’re relaxing in the gorgeous smells and sounds of the salon, feeling totally pampered.

You’ll be fresh faced and glowing with no need for makeup. But that’s not to say you can’t have your makeup professionally done! We have talented makeup artists who will perfect your look with a trial before making you look your absolute best on your important day. Whether it’s your wedding, birthday or any other big event, you’ll feel a million dollars. Or, if there’s a group of you that need makeup, book in for all of you. Fresh robes and bubbly are of course essential.

If you have problem areas of skin, then IPL skin rejuvenation is for you. It stands for Intense Pulsed Light and is a treatment for hyperpigmentation (or dark spots) using a laser. The laser targets darker areas caused by sun damage or ageing and breaks them down. After a few sessions, you’re then left with perfectly blemish free skin. Your therapist will be fully trained and able to answer any questions you have about the treatment.

If you’re in Bunbury and fancy a treat, book yourself in for a facial treatment today. We promise you’ll feel amazing!