Reiki Surry Hills

Apt 10 /50-54 Ann Street (building entrance is on Mackey St)
Surry Hills 2010
Average for 60 reviews
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  1. Reiki treatment

    50 minute reiki treatment (but allow for an hour to settle in before and check in afterwards)

    80.00 1 hr

Opening Hours

Monday9:15 AM7 PM
Tuesday9:15 AM7 PM
Wednesday9:15 AM7 PM
Thursday9:15 AM7 PM
Friday9:15 AM6:30 PM
Saturday10:30 AM6 PM
Sunday10 AM6 PM


Reiki Surry Hills invites you to welcome the wellness of reiki into your life. Reiki originated in Japan and is a gentle, spiritual practice that involves hands-on energy healing.

Reiki Surry Hills is a beautiful and peaceful place, and a haven of calm. Reiki is perfect for anyone suffering stress, anxiety or emotional issues, or just for getting in touch with yourself, seeing what reiki is like, and what benefits it might bring you. During a session, you’ll be lying on your back, facing up, fully clothed and comfortable. Your therapist will have their hands close to or on different parts of your body. Each client experiences something unique but you’re guaranteed to feel deeply relaxed.

You may even experience positive benefits for days afterwards. To find out how reiki feels for you, book in with Reiki Surry Hills today.

60 Reviews


Visited February 2020

Amazing! I feel really good after the treatment, simply recommended

Visited February 2020

My reiki session with Andy was my first ever reiki experience and it was truly wonderful. I became so relaxed during the session that afterwards I felt as though I had sunken into the table. I had a profound experience midway through the session where I felt as though my body had dissolved and merged with all of the other energy in the room - the furniture, the music, the ceiling fan, even Andy himself. It was an incredible feeling of oneness. I was overwhelmed by feelings of peace and gratitude. In the hours following the session, I felt a bit physically/emotionally drained, however that night I slept incredibly well and in the days following my session I felt a renewed sense of balance, inner peace, and joy. I believe reiki has incredible healing potential and I highly recommend it to anyone considering giving it a try. Andy's reiki treatment in Surry Hills is the perfect way to start (or continue) your healing journey.

Visited January 2020

After this Reiki session, I am feeling so good and centres with myself 😊 I went to help with sleeping issues and I have been sleeping deeply, and feeling fresh when waking up since. Andy is really nice and answered all my questions about Reiki. I recommended him to my friend, as I think he is a great Reiki Master.

Visited July 2019

Fantastic session with Andy I felt like I was given a clean slate to start afresh with, looking forward to another session.

Visited January 2020

Perfect, exactly what I needed

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