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The Salon

The Salon

53B Main Rd, Monbulk 3793
Eyebrow Extensions, Eyebrow Tinting, Eyelash Extensions, Eyelash Tinting, False Eyelashes
    Makeup by Aylce - Hair & Makeup Artist in Melbourne

    Makeup by Aylce - Hair & Makeup Artist in Melbourne

    7 Wallaby Ave, Sassafras 3787
    Eyebrow Extensions, Eyelash Tinting
      Nourish Day Spa-Massage Mount Dandenong

      Nourish Day Spa-Massage Mount Dandenong

      31 Monash Ave, Olinda 3788
      Eyebrow Extensions, Eyelash Extensions, Eyelash Tinting

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        Book your next eyelash tinting appointment in Monbulk with Bookwell.

        Well hello there, and welcome to Bookwell. Our goal is pretty simple - we want to take care of all your beauty and wellness needs in Monbulk. From hairdressing to nails to massage, we've got top salons and clinics waiting to take your appointment. Get booking, and enjoy the warm glow that comes along with feeling like an organised human.

        Tinting has entered the world in so many different forms. One of our favourites has to be the eyelash tint. It's our bestie because it really takes the natural look to a whole new level. It isn't overly dramatic, so if you're just wanting something to amplify your look, but not totally overtake the show, tinting is for you. Plus it'll save you on mascara. There are businesses in Monbulk that can get you in for a treatment that lasts no longer than 480 minutes.

        It doesn't matter if you're the type of person that likes to book your appointments a month in advance or you're more of a last-minute type, Bookwell has you covered with the best in health, beauty and wellness throughout Monbulk. We'll sort that lashes and brows appointment for you at the click of a mouse. We have a fantastic mix of top venues, but we're always keen to add more local hotspots. If you see any we've missed let us know at 1300-856-405 or hello@bookwell.com.au. You can count on us to make your booking a no-brainer.

        Questions & Answers

        How long does an eyelash tint last?

        If you're wanting your lashes tinted all the time, a tint every 3 to 4 weeks should do the job. It's important to keep in mind that everyone has a different lash cycle and this will determine whether or not you may need to book in more frequently.

        Is getting your lashes tinted safe?

        With any treatment near the eyes, you want to make sure you're going to a reputable and experienced technician. If you go to someone who practices safe application it is a totally safe and non-invasive beauty treatment.

        How much does an eyelash tint cost?

        Eyelash tinting costs $75 on average.

        Why should I get an eyelash tint?

        Eyelash tinting is a great option for people who like to have darker lashes without having to worry about applying mascara daily. If this is something you're considering, we'd recommend giving it a try. If you're getting your lashes tinted for an occasion, the day before the event is best.

        How long does it take to get your eyelashes tinted?

        Getting your lashes tinted takes about 45 minutes.

        What should I do after an eyelash tint?

        After you've had your eyelashes tinted you can carry on as you normally would without having to think too much about it. If you want your tint to last longer, avoid oily products and keep your fingers away from your eyes.