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Top Hairdressers in Mildura
Here’s our pick for the best hairdressers in Mildura to get a haircut

  1. Ruby Hair Design

    Ruby Hair Design

    55A Pine Ave, Mildura 3500
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  2. Slip Rocks Barber Shop

    Slip Rocks Barber Shop

    102A Langtree Ave, Mildura 3500
    Dreadlocks, Barbers
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  3. Le Roc's Hairport

    Le Roc's Hairport

    141 Eighth St, Mildura 3500
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  4. Mode Hairsalon & Beauty

    Mode Hairsalon & Beauty

    130A Eighth St, Mildura 3500
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  5. Aaliyah Dieago Hair &Beauty

    Aaliyah Dieago Hair &Beauty

    Mildura 3500
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