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Diet & Nutrition

  1. Follow Up Consultation

    The Follow Up Consultation is designed to monitor your progress towards your nutrition and dietary plan. During this consultation it is important for us to obtain your feedback about how you are managing the changes in your lifestyle, diet and nutritional health.
    We want to know about your likes and dislikes, what is easy to change and what is challenging.
    From this information we may reassess or make changes to your plan, and if necessary provide you with extra information and advice. The Follow Up Consultation gives us the opportunity to continue to motivate and help you to achieve your short term and long term goals, because managing lifestyle, dietary and nutritional health changes usually involves ongoing care and attentions.
    Your follow up consultation will cover:
    Nutritional Analysis & Evaluation
    Dietary Analysis & Evaluation
    Nutrition & Diet Prescription

    70.00 30 min

    Service unavailable. Let’s work together to stop the spread of COVID-19.

  2. Initial Consultation

    During the Initial Consultation, we learn all about you by asking lots of questions to complete a holistic and detailed nutritional health assessment. We collect information about your medical history, lifestyle, diet and current health and wellbeing goals.
    We gather vital information from you about your dietary intake, and systemic health and wellbeing to better understand your nutritional status and any underlying nutritional deficiencies. We discuss your food likes, dislikes and dietary habits and patterns to identify triggers of food intake, such as poor energy, sugar cravings or emotional eating.
    Your initial consultation will cover:
    Health & Lifestyle History
    Nutritional Analysis & Evaluation
    Diet Analysis & Evaluation

    110.00 1 hr

    Service unavailable. Let’s work together to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Opening Hours

Saturday9 AM5 PM


Our Clinical Nutritionist specialises in one on one Nutritional Consultations which include a full health history review, nutritional analysis and evaluation, diet analysis and evaluation and nutrition and diet prescription. A Nutritional Consultation can help with sustained weight loss/gain and the management of Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Gastrointestinal Health as well as Nutritional health for competitive and recreational athletes and optimal nutritional status for all life stages.

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