IPL Hair Removal Karnup
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Timeless Skin & Beauty - Singleton

Timeless Skin & Beauty - Singleton

2 Redwood Avenue, Karnup 6176
Lip Waxing, Underarm Waxing, G String Wax, Brazilian Waxing, Leg Waxing
IPL Hair Removal from $100.00
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Sitting Pretty Skin & Body

Sitting Pretty Skin & Body

7/7 Halliburton Ave, Warnbro 6169
Bikini Waxing, Brazilian Waxing, Electrolysis, Eyebrow Threading, Eyebrow Waxing
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Oasis Health & Beauty

Oasis Health & Beauty

6/10 Oasis Dr, Secret Harbour 6173
Bikini Waxing, Brazilian Waxing, Eyebrow Threading, Eyebrow Waxing, Face Waxing
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Renew IPL & Skin Clinic

Renew IPL & Skin Clinic

Shop 10G/10 Oasis Dr, Secret Harbour 6173
Brazilian Waxing, Electrolysis, Eyebrow Waxing, Face Waxing, Hollywood Wax
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Questions & Answers

How long do IPL hair removal appointments usually take?

IPL hair removal takes about 30 minutes on average per treatment.

When should I get IPL hair removal?

You should opt for IPL if you're wanting to decrease your hair growth in certain areas. You should also go in for a session when your skin is at its natural pigmentation and not accentuated by any fake tan or sun exposure.

What should I do after my IPL hair removal treatment?

Wearing loose and comfortable clothing is recommended, you don't want to irritate the skin unnecessarily. Also, a cool pack or cold shower can increase the comfortability and recovery from the treatment. You should also consider hanging up the sports bra and shelving the protein shaker for a couple of days and avoid sun exposure for the first 48 hours after the treatment.

How often should I get IPL hair removal?

The average gap between treatments is roughly six to eight weeks. This depends on the hair cycle and the area that is being treated. Your technician will be able to advise you on the best time to come back in for your follow-up session.

How long does IPL hair removal last?

After you've had your initial sessions, you can expect to have a reduction of around 90 percent in hair growth. A top-up every six to 12 months is recommended.

How much does IPL hair removal cost?

IPL hair removal costs $155 on average.

What's the difference between IPL hair removal and laser hair removal?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and is a light style of treatment. Whereas, laser hair removal is using technology that is an actual laser. What happens with IPL is that there is a distribution of light emitted which reduces the hair growth and with laser hair removal it's a concentrated single beam of light that works better at attacking the follicle.