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Acrylic Nails in Gold Coast

Having your nails done is an affordable luxury that makes you feel good. First impressions count, and your hair and nails are often the first things people notice. Luckily, there are some great places to get acrylic nails on the Gold Coast.

From a simple buff and polish to the most elaborate nail art, there are many amazing nail services listed here on Bookwell. Acrylic nails are one of the most popular.

Easy Care Nails

Tough and durable, acrylic nails are easily accessible, easy to care for, and ensure your hands always look presentable. Acrylic forms a great base for colour, nail art and other embellishments.

Unlike gel nails, which require UV light to harden, acrylic nails harden when exposed to air. It's a fairly simple procedure, but one best done by the experts, if you want a really smooth finish.

Your manicurist will first prepare your nails to get rid of unsightly cuticles and rough edges. After ensuring your nails are clean and dry, the manicurist will apply layers of the acrylic gel and powder to build up the nail.

Go Dramatic

If your nails are naturally long, you won't need extensions. However, if you have trouble growing your nails, or you're a nail-biter, extensions will give you the length you desire.

Once the acrylic is applied and has hardened, your nails can be shaped and decorated. It's that simple. If you're after 'subtle', a couple of coats of colour will complete the job.

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Alternatively, go for 'dramatic', by asking for nail art. There are some really amazing effects out there, including digital print. You can even use scanned images or photographs off your digital camera. Amazing!

After two to three weeks, you will require refills, so simply head back to the salon and you'll be good to go again. Find a great nail salon near you by browsing Bookwell.