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Chinese Massage in Perth

The ancient art of Chinese massage is one of the most popular remedial therapies on the market, and Perth is home to an abundance of trained Chinese massage professionals.

The Chinese believe in a natural, holistic approach to medicine, and traditional Chinese massage works to consider the body, mind and spirit as a whole, in the search for physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Chinese massage utilises the trained hands of expert therapists to manipulate soft tissue and effectively transport and guide blood and energy, or “chi” around the body. Not just any old massage, this targeted method uses proven techniques to provide vital pain relief, improve blood flow, and relieve stress; serious benefits which can transcend into every other facet of your life.

You’ll experience relief from anxiety, improved sleep, and a general feeling of positivity and wellbeing. The therapy may also boost immunity and help to prevent the development of degenerative diseases.

Unlike Swedish or Thai massage, Chinese massage is generally reserved for the treatment of existing medical problems or injuries, rather than as a form of relaxation. You’ll usually find yourself sitting upright in a chair, so the therapist can target and stimulate various pressure points.

A distant relative of acupuncture, Chinese massage involves the same kind of muscle stimulation, using fingers instead of needles - a great option for all you needle phobes out there. You can expect stretching, pushing and kneading of the muscles to promote the general flow of energy around the body, as well as the more localised method of pressing and pinching acupressure points to relieve immediate pain and stress in specific areas.

For effective relief from pain, stress, and to help balance your body, mind and spirit, let Bookwell help you find a Chinese massage therapist in Perth today.