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Top Men's Barbers in Toowoomba, QLD
Here's our pick for the top men's barbers in Toowoomba, QLD.

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  1. Connie Janz Hair Studio

    Connie Janz Hair Studio

    141 Holberton St, Newtown 4350
    Connie Janz Hair Studio is a fabulous Newtown hair salon offering boutique services in a friendly salon.
    Next available: Thu, 13 of May
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  2. Zigbis Hair & Beauty

    Zigbis Hair & Beauty

    261 Hume Street , South Toowoomba 4350
    Zigbis Hairstylist is a leading Toowoomba name for exceptional hairstyling with two gorgeous salons and serious commitment to high quality customer service.
    Next available: Thu, 13 of May
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  3. Lavya Hair Design

    Lavya Hair Design

    Shop 12 Toowoomba Plaza / 878 Ruthven Street, Toowoomba City 4350
    The Cut Ahead Hair Boutique is Toowoomba’s answer to professional hair styling for men and women at a reasonable price, offering high quality service and style to a broad clientele.
    Next available: Thu, 13 of May
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  4. RHair Design

    RHair Design

    546 Bridge St, Toowoomba 4350
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  5. Jack & Jill Hairstyles

    Jack & Jill Hairstyles

    85 Heeney St, Chinchilla 4413
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  6. Joels Salon de Men

    Joels Salon de Men

    1/217 Margaret St, Toowoomba City 4350
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  7. Greg Gabbett The Barber

    Greg Gabbett The Barber

    197A West St, Harristown 4350
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  8. John's Hair Studios

    John's Hair Studios

    24 Duggan St, Toowoomba City 4350
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  9. Beauty and the Barber

    Beauty and the Barber

    139a Holberton St, Newtown 4350
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  10. Pete's Barber Shop Gatton

    Pete's Barber Shop Gatton

    35 Railway St, Gatton 4343
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  11. Hair Razors Unisex Barber Shop

    Hair Razors Unisex Barber Shop

    30 Cunningham St, Dalby 4405
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  12. Bou's For Men Barber Shop

    Bou's For Men Barber Shop

    2/190 Margaret St, Toowoomba City 4350
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  13. Oscar Oscar Salons Toowoomba

    Oscar Oscar Salons Toowoomba

    Shop 1063 Margaret St & Dent Street Level 1 Grand Central Shopping Centre, Toowoomba City 4350
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  14. The Cut Ahead

    The Cut Ahead

    Kmart Toowoomba, 5/878 Ruthven St, Kearneys Spring 4350
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  15. Lucky Phil's Barber Shop

    Lucky Phil's Barber Shop

    62 Anzac Ave, Newtown 4350
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  16. RMA Hair & Beauty Salon

    RMA Hair & Beauty Salon

    176 Baker St, Darling Heights 4350
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  17. It's Cuts Curls & Colours

    It's Cuts Curls & Colours

    31 Smith St, Gatton 4343
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  18. Tommy Gun's Grand Central Barbershop

    Tommy Gun's Grand Central Barbershop

    Shop 67, Level 2 ,Grand Central Shopping Centre Cnr Margaret Street and, Dent St, Toowoomba City 4350
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  19. ZIGBIS Hair Stylist

    ZIGBIS Hair Stylist

    Shop 8/187 Hume St, South Toowoomba 4350
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  20. Hair Razing

    Hair Razing

    136 Bridge St, Toowoomba City 4350
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Questions & Answers

How much does a men's haircut cost?

Men's haircuts cost $50 on average.

When should I get a men's haircut?

Why, whenever you feel like looking especially sharp of course. Whether you want your fade tidied up, a full haircut, a shave or a beard trim, there's always a good reason to visit a barber.

What should I do after my men's haircut?

Enjoy looking fresh, essentially. You might also like to ask about styling and product recommendations.

How often should I get my hair cut as a man?

Most pros well tell you to come back within three to six weeks, depending on how long your hair is. Shorter hair needs more frequent maintenance, you see.

How long do men's haircutting appointments usually last?

Men's haircuts take 45 minutes on average.