Hair Styling Bendigo
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Top Hair Stylists in Bendigo, VIC
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Hair Styling in Bendigo

  1. Hair Matters

    Hair Matters

    76 High St, Woodend 3442
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  2. Allure Hair Room

    Allure Hair Room

    36 Urquhart St, Woodend 3442
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  3. M&CO Hair Design

    M&CO Hair Design

    35C Anslow St, Woodend 3442
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  4. Studio B Kyneton

    Studio B Kyneton

    3 Stevensons Rise, Kyneton 3444
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  5. Naturally Hair

    Naturally Hair

    143B Mollison St, Kyneton 3444
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  6. BJB Hair and Beauty

    BJB Hair and Beauty

    22 High St, Kyneton 3444
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  7. Bella The Cut & Colour Salon

    Bella The Cut & Colour Salon

    105 High St, Woodend 3442
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  8. Stratford Hair

    Stratford Hair

    4 Market St, Kyneton 3444
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It's nice to be fussed about, and that's exactly what getting your hair professionally styled is all about. Hair styling can be anything from a blow out that'll last the work week, a chignon bun for a friend's wedding or (if you're like us), or some low-fuss braids. Even if you're looking your best for a movie marathon with your cat, we're totally backing you. There are several places in Bendigo that can get you looking smart within a matter of minutes.

Hopefully, you're thinking it's about time for a spot of self care, and we'd be delighted to assist with that. From lashes and brows to Swedish massage, we know what we're talking about. However, if we're missing anything, do please let us know. We're on 1300-856-405 and, and we're waiting for your message.

Questions & Answers

How often do women get their hair professionally styled?

If you're like some of our glam gurus, potentially every week. However, if you're like the rest of us and choose to save the style for a special occasion, potentially once every six to eight weeks.

When should I get my hair styled?

You should opt for a hair style if you have an event coming up and you want to look your best. Allowing yourself to feel sharp or beautiful before an occasion.

How much do hair styling services cost?

Hair styling services cost $95 on average.

How long will the hair styling last?

This really depends on what you get and what you do after your styling. Generally, if you have a good hairdresser and clean hair, your hair style should last a solid 24 hours. However, if you're planning on running a marathon with beachy waves, you may only get a solid 20 minutes.

How long will it take to get my hair professionally styled?

Hair styling takes about 60 minutes on average.