Jung Shim

112 Pacific Highway
North Sydney 2060
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  1. Qi Energy Massage

    Acupressure, Energy Treatment and Consultation

    90.00 45 min

Opening Hours

Monday10:30 AM8 PM
Tuesday10:30 AM8 PM
Thursday10:30 AM8 PM
Friday2 PM8 PM
Saturday10:30 AM4 PM


Take a break from the debilitating anxiety that arises from leading a stressful lifestyle, or the unnecessary thoughts that cripple your confidence, and take a new approach to achieving Zen with the Jung Shim method.

This South Korean take on traditional Eastern medicine and Qi (energy) has been helping countless people for over 40 years. Jung Shim works to release blockages, ease worry and ultimately improve your emotional health and wellbeing.

At Jung Shim, no two clients are the same. This exceptional studio (ideally located on Pacific Highway in North Sydney) tailors its professional classes, treatments, energy clearing and energy coaching programmes to accommodate each individual person’s unique needs and preferences.

Book your life-changing appointment with Jung Shim today, and begin your path to harmony and equilibrium.

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