Why Marketplaces are the Future of the Hair & Beauty Industry

You may have seen posts circulating on social media claiming that marketplaces are hurting the industry. Sadly, this view is woefully misguided.

Marketplaces are the future. They are also as old as the hills.

People have been frequenting marketplaces for hundreds of years. Why? Because they're useful for consumers and businesses. It is just common sense to put vendors in one place so that when you want to go shopping you don't have to travel far to get what you want.

The first recorded instance of a marketplace was approximately 3,000 BC. That's over 5,000 years ago! Ever since then, marketplaces have evolved and popped up in many different places around the world.

More recently they have started popping up on the internet, providing us as consumers with infinitely valuable services such as Uber, Uber Eats, HealthEngine, Amazon, AirBnB, and so on. Each of these is a marketplace that you can use to find and reserve a commodity.

Is it possible in 2020 and beyond to exist profitably without taking advantage of the marketplace? Maybe. It'll cost you. It'll be difficult. It can be done, but why limit your options when it's painfully obvoius that people want marketplaces.

At Bookwell, most of our users do not come from advertising. They come from organic search. That means people are searching and they find us and we are exactly what they have been looking for. And we know that because once they use the service once, they come back again and again and again and book all sorts of different services at different businesses using the app. We do our best to make the app as smooth as possible, but people use it because there's significant value in the marketplace.

For businesses using the marketplace, it's amazing. Not only do we send them new clients and increase their profits, we also help them cut operating costs. We have seen hundreds of salons and massage businesses double their bookings and triple their retention rates. We have watched their profits soar. It's a beautiful thing when we can play a small part in helping a hard-working business owner to succeed. There's joy in that.

We love this industry. We want you to succeed.

That's why we started this business in the first place.

To help you grow your business.

Join the marketplace. The users are here. They're waiting for you. It would be great to have you here as well.

See you on Bookwell.