Salons grow while retail stores close ... how?

Right now Australia is seeing hundreds of brick and mortar stores shuttering to make way for their online counterparts.

161 big retail chains have closed their doors, and we haven't even made it 4 weeks into January.

So how are salons, spas & massage businesses still growing?

Have you seen people recently?

Everyone has their head tilted downward, gazing at the glass, scroll scroll scroll. Click. Book.

People walk right past your shop front and don't even notice because they're looking at their phones.

Don't make the same mistakes Bardot, Jeanswest & Harris Scarfe made. Develop your online channels of acquisition so that when the financial storms come, you're not caught in the red.

Bookwell is just one online channel you can use to make sure you don't go the same way as those stores.

Need others? These are the basics ...

#1 - Website with SEO
#2 - Google Places
#3 - Marketplaces - i.e. Bookwell
#4 - Organic Social Media
#5 - Paid Advertising

Give Bookwell a try. We can help you grow the other channels. No obligations.

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