Salon Consumer Trends 2020 - Knowledge to keep you on top

As a business owner, you know that understanding and taking advantage of consumer trends is vital to business growth.

There are times of the year, like December, where everyone, their mother and three distant cousins wants to book a salon. I imagine your biggest challenge is managing your roster ... oh and staying sane without a beverage in hand at all times πŸ˜‰πŸ»

Then comes the first half of the year where business is a little bit slower. Stress is easier to manage and you're able to think about growth and all the things you want to do, but you make a little less money.

We have seen this trend play out year after year over the last 4 years.

But can you have the best of both worlds? Of course you can. You just have to understand the market and put the right things in place so that you can benefit from the ups and downs.

Google Data

Let's look at Google's search data for salons over the last four years. As you can see, the trend is gentle but noticeable. The first half from January to June shows lower interest in hair & beauty services.





What does this tell us?

This tells us something we already know. People spend more leading up to summer and less leading up to winter. Once summer is in sight, optimism increases. Credit cards come out. People start changing their looks and trying new things.

However, there is still a market for the first half of the year. That will never go away, no matter what happens.

Bookwell Data

Let's look at Bookwell's salon booking data over the last three years.

Bookwell proactively keeps people engaged and coming back. That's Bookwell. It's for people who LOVE going to the salon for their hair and beauty needs. For people who love going to the salon, Bookwell is a beautiful addition to their life.

Can you fight the downward trend for the first half of the year?

You certainly can.

Is Bookwell the answer?

No. It's just part of the answer.

How can you fight the downward trend?

Use a tried and tested marketing model that has worked for hundreds of businesses over hundreds of years across hundreds of industries.

Acquire > Retain

Read More on this marketing model

Under the Acquisition part of the model, you need to have many different channels so that your business is not at risk from downward changes in any of your acquisition channels.

Bookwell can be one of those channels. It's a good one because a lot of future clients are already here. It's also a good one because we don't experience many months where there is a downward trend.

Now is the time to build and reinforce your Acquisition channels.

You'll keep your growth steady over the first half of the year, then over the second half of the year you'll be set up to really make some money.

Not only that, you'll be better equipped to build on the model next year and the year after!

How can Bookwell help?

When you join Bookwell, you'll get instant access to hundreds and thousands of people who are booking hair, beauty & massage appointments on Bookwell. But that's only a small part of the package.

Bookwell can help you manage and grow all of your acquisition channels at no additional cost. We're really good at it πŸ’β€β™€οΈ mostly because we've had a lot of practice with the 7,500 salons that are listed on Bookwell! What you get out of it is expert management of the technological challenges behind your acquisition channels. Let us help you execute on your vision.

We'll also give you access to hundreds of thousands of people near you who LOVE to book the services you offer.

We love to help hair & beauty businesses grow. That's our thing ☺️

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