GUIDE: How to Get More Bookings & Grow Salon Revenue

Some salons are always booked out. Others have empty chairs. There are several reasons why.

Successful business is rooted in good decision-making. The fact that you're searching for information on how to increase your bookings indicates that you make good decisions.

This definitive guide to growing your salon revenue will help you to be booked out always.

The Basics

Bookwell is in the business of bookings. We visit hundreds of salons every day to help them cut down on costs and increase their profits. We have seen many different salons from the creative and vibrant to the simple and effective.

All successful salons have several things in common.

  • Excellent Service
  • Distinct Aesthetic
  • Intelligent Marketing

It always starts with an excellent service because that is how word of mouth spreads. We don't need to tell you how powerful word of mouth is. Your reputation is a valuable resource that should be protected at all costs.

The aesthetic of your salon is what makes it special. It helps to set the vibe, relax your clientele and inspire creativity. Often people will choose a salon based on aesthetic alone. That's why Bookwell invests in professional photographers to take pictures of your salon so potential clients can make better booking choices.

In this resource, we will discuss intelligent marketing.

Intelligent Marketing

A simple marketing model that we have seen work for many salons is as follows.

Acquire > Retain

That's it! Let's discuss each piece of the model.


The best way to acquire new clients is to set up multiple channels of acquisition and grow each one. You probably already know this but it's worth repeating because it's a fundamental building block of marketing. If you choose only one channel and invest all your resources in it, you may experience success .. however, you are at risk of change. As we all know, change is constant.

We have seen the following acquisition channels work for many salons:

  • Website Optimised for Search Engines
  • Organic Social Media
  • Digital Advertising - Paid Social Media & Google Ads
  • Print Advertising - Flyers, Magazines, Newspaper Ads, etc.
  • Google Places - get discovered in search
  • Marketplaces such as Bookwell or Fresha

You may not use all of these channels, or you may use some channels that we haven't discovered yet and we would love to know!

Bookwell has many more users than Fresha. Bookwell users also have a high average purchase value, so Bookwell is clearly the smart choice for salon owners.

You will increase your bookings when you invest in each of these channels.


Now retention. To grow your business, you need to not only acquire new clients but retain them, i.e. keep them coming back again and again.

As previously mentioned, the quality of your service goes a long way in retaining clients.

Even if your reputation is pristine, you still need to do a little marketing to retain clients. People are busy. They'll remember your service and will have good intentions to come back, but sometimes life gets in the way and they aren't always able to follow up.

SMS marketing has proven very successful in prompting clients to come back again and again.

Booking software providers are beginning to include SMS marketing as part of the package, but Bookwell gives you the most intelligent features for free. The logic behind the code is what distinguishes Bookwell's marketing features from any other competitor.

It starts with analysis of booking behaviour. Each client's booking patterns are learned and remembered by the system. You can then use the software to prompt clients to book in accordance with their booking patterns.

From the client's perspective, you 'coincidentally' sent them a message at just the right time. In reality, you used intelligent marketing features to learn their booking behaviour and prompt them to book at just the right time.

You can also use the Rebook feature for service-specific rebooking. For example, to maintain a colour you might need to do a treatment every 4 weeks. The software can handle this for you.

The best part of is it all happens automatically. Just turn on the features you want, adjust the default message if you'd like, and watch your retention rate soar.

You only need to pay for the SMS. We add a markup to the cost of SMS (as do all other booking software). However, the markup is minimal and you will find that the cost of SMS is cheaper than most other software providers. Did we mention these marketing features are free to use?

The Value

Bookwell grows all acquisition channels for you, for FREE

Website & SEO

Bookwell's Partner Success team will design, build, and host your website for you. We are also very knowledgeable in SEO and will ensure that your website ranks highly on search engines. This service is free for all Bookwell Partners.

Google Places

Additionally, the Partner Success team works with Google to manage your Locations on the Google Network. That means when people search for your business, you show at the top with all relevant information displayed.

Digital Advertising

Bookwell's Marketing team invests in Facebook, Instagram and Google Advertising to increase your bookings.

Do we bid on your brand name? No. Some venues want us to, so we will for them but we don't usually bid on your business name.

So how do our ads work?

On the Google network we pick up users who are searching for services that you might offer.

On social media, we take advantage of remarketing ads. This means that if a user visits your Bookwell listing but does not purchase, we show them an ad that says something like, 'Hey you! Wanna finish your booking?' We pick up all those people and increase your bookings for you.


Bookwell attracts hundreds of thousands of people every week through SEO & advertising so that you can increase your bookings with ease. Bookwell is a very sticky service. Once clients use it once, they love it and keep using it again and again.

You may have seen some hysteria about how Marketplaces are killing the industry. Quite the opposite. Marketplaces are solving a major problem for the industry and making life easier for salon owners and clients. Marketplaces are the future. Amazon. Uber Eats. AirBnB. HealthEngine. Must I say more?

Bookwell has the best retention features you can get

We gave you an overview of how automated marketing can improve retention.

Some other booking software have similar features, but no other providers use the advanced logic that Bookwell uses to learn client booking behaviour and automatically prompt them to book at the right time. The cherry on top is that you get all these features for free.

Cut operating costs

The aquisition and retention strategies above help you to increase your profit.

Bookwell's booking software cuts down on operating costs.

Not only do you get free support in growing all of your acquisition channels, Bookwell proactively helps you save money by giving you 5-star booking software with no costs attached.

As previously mentioned, you will need to pay for the SMS you use; however, you'll pay very close to the rate we pay for the SMS and you won't be charged for messages you don't use.

We've done extensive analysis on this topic and have discovered that the average venue makes $47 for every $1 spent on SMS credits.

Take that to the bank!

In this resource, we have told you how thousands of successful salon owners are growing their booking numbers sustainably. We have also demonsrated the value of Bookwell.

You can get started below.