Barbers & Blowaves

How do they do it?

Barbers & Blowaves also take advantage of everything Bookwell offers to decrease their costs and get more bookings.

Barbers & Blowaves also know their market well and are skilled at marketing. Check out Barbers and Blowaves on Instagram.

Profile on Bookwell

Barbers and Blowaves have listed their business on Bookwell along with all their bookable services. Their real-time availability syncs to their profile so they never get double booked.

They have beautiful pictures of the salon taken by a professional Bookwell photographer, so it’s easy to get the vibe of the place from their profile.

Free photoshoot from Bookwell

The team behind Barbers and Blowaves have put a lot of thought, work, and love into making their salon look appealing, so we paid for a photographer to go to their location and take professional pictures for them to use in their marketing.

This offer is available to all Bookwell Partners.

Booking software from Bookwell

Instead of paying $150 / month for booking software, Barbers and Blowaves chose to use Bookwell’s booking software. They were surprised to find that it had all the features they would get with other booking software, but with none of the cost, and they love using it day in and day out to manage their business.

All SMS marketing features

Like most successful salons, Barbers and Blowaves use SMS marketing. They love how Bookwell automatically handles the client communication so that when clients show up in person, they can give them all of their attention. Clients appreciate it too. It makes sense … and if they ever want to talk directly, Barbers and Blowaves staff can jump in for 1-on-1 SMS.

Barbers and Blowaves attach coupons for their VIPs and best bookers and even send out a birthday special to show clients they appreciate them! All of this works to keep clients coming back.

Bookwell is currently not listing home and mobile businesses, but you are welcome to register as we may at some point.