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Average Marketing Result

$47 Revenue
$1 Cost

How it works

Bookwell analyses booking behaviour for each one of your clients in the background.
Then, automatically send messages at just the right time to encourage clients to book.
For the client
From the client's perspective, your messages happen to arrive at just the right time.
From You
What the client doesn't know is you are using hundreds and thousands of lines of code to send your message at precisely the right time.
Control marketing for all clients with one click.

SMS Marketing Features

Rebook Messages

Identify clients who are due to book in and remind them to rebook automatically. This feature helps turn new clients into regulars and to keep regular clients coming back.

Retention Messages

Contact at-risk clients based on their regular booking behaviour. This feature is a favourite among venues on Bookwell as it works very well to increase retention rates with no work and minimal cost.

Lost Client Messages

This feature identifies when clients have stopped visiting and sends them a message with a coupon attached to get them to come back. You will be notified in your Calendar that this client was Lost so you have the opportunity to show them a little extra love and win them back.

Follow-up Messages

This feature is perfect if you offer services that require a follow-up appointment. An example would be a colour that requires a regular treatment to maintain - this feature will handle the follow-up appointment-setting for you automatically.

Birthday Messages

This marketing feature is another favourite because it helps show your clients love and keep them coming back all year long. The message feels personal and special and the best part is it requires no work from you. You will be notified in your Calendar that this Client booked from a Birthday Message to avoid any embarassment.

Feedback Message

The more reviews you have on your Bookwell profile, the more new clients you are going to get. Turn this feature on so that your clients receive an automatic message asking them to leave a review on your profile after their first appointment. It will pay dividends on your future business growth.

Groups & Segments

Bookwell segments your client list depending on the status of clients such as At-Risk, Lost, or in need of a Follow-Up. However, you can also create your own groups to send campaigns to, such as your VIP list.

1 on 1 Messaging

Want to send messages to individual clients? No problem. Chat with your clients and keep your message history in one place without giving out your personal phone number.

Personalised Default Messages

The team at Bookwell have spent months crafting and testing the perfect messages so that you get the best result at the lowest cost. Using merge tags, messages are automatically personalised with each client's details.

SMS Marketing Cost

Cost Forecast

Bookwell gives you a real-time cost forecast depending on what marketing features you have enabled. This allows you to see how much you will need to invest in SMS credits in the near future to keep clients coming back automatically.

Pay Only for Used SMS

There are no upfront costs with Bookwell's marketing features. You only pay for the SMS credits that you use. Texts cost $0.10. On average, businesses on Bookwell make $47 for every $1 invested in SMS

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